It goes without saying that a luxury watch is a clear symbol of prestige. However, when it comes to choosing such a timepiece, chances are you will face unexpected difficulties. The fact is that high-end watches are available in a variety of materials and designs, which can be a bit confusing, not to mention different movement types and complications that are not always useful for real life. Anyway, before moving on to the process of selection, you need to decide on the luxury watch style. Take advantage of the following list of the most popular styles to understand which of them suits your personality and character best.

  1. Dress watches
    Dress watches are distinguished by a simple yet elegant design and time-only function, which makes them a number one choice for office and social events. However, the best thing about a dress watch is that it is timeless and can easily be passed down through generations.
    Brands to look for:Patek Philippe, A. Lange & Söhne, Piaget
  2. Designer watches
    Fashion or designer watches are eye-catching accessories that not only keep track of time but also make a statement about the owner. They are distinguished by a trendy look and unusual materials used in their manufacture. Such timepieces are perfect for daily wear and parties.
    Brands to look for:Hublot, Chanel, Bvlgari
  3. Racing watches
    Inspired by auto racing, these high-end watches represent a perfect blend of the mechanical watchmaking and the finest automotive engineering. They make a great choice for those with the infinite passion of extreme lifestyle, plus they can be worn for the job or just for an active weekend at home.
    Brands to look for:Breitling, TAG Heuer, Rolex
  4. Dive watches
    Combining practical functions with classic styling, a dive watch is an ideal choice for swimming, scuba diving, professional dives, and everyday wear as well. In fact, these high-end luxury watches have always been some of the most popular sports timepieces. Moreover, they look great not only underwater but on the beach too.
    Brands to look for:Omega, Blancpain, Panerai
  5. Pilot watches
    Distinguished by a set of specific features required by professional pilots, these timepieces represent an ideal fusion of durability and style. In fact, whether you are actually going to fly with it or just looking for a high-quality luxury watch for all occasions, a pilot model is undoubtedly a worthy option.
    Brands to look for:IWC, Bremont, Zenith
  6. Military watches
    Being very durable and robust, military timepieces make a perfect choice for those who need a reliable luxury watch able to withstand harsh conditions. Moreover, based on historical models with actual military usage, they are a superb way to make a statement about yourself, not to mention that this style is suitable for daily wear.
    Brands to look for:Bell & Ross, Longines, Hamilton

As you can see, high-end watches do vary in styles. Thereby, it is of utmost importance to decide which of them reflects your personality and character best. Once you know it, the further choice of your ideal luxury watch will become much easier and more enjoyable.

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