It’s hard to argue with the fact that timepieces are no longer used solely to tell the time, especially when it comes to models produced by the best luxury watch brands. Since almost everything today, from your smartphone to the microwave oven, can easily cope with this task, wrist watches have been turned into fashion and even jewelry accessories with, however, sophisticated movements and complications. This is a new world of Haute Horlogerie, with numerous high-end watches available for any taste and style! In this article, we have compiled a list of the best selling luxury watch brands that have proven to be trendsetters this year.

2. Hublot
Hublot is the second best selling luxury watch brand this year, and there is actually nothing surprising about that fact. After all, it is the most creative Swiss manufacturer of high-end timepieces, with numerous unusual designs for any taste. Hublot watches are indeed some of the most eye-catching and sought-after in the world, with a whole army of fans among luxury watch lovers.

Hublot luxury watch

3. Citizen
Citizen is the only Japanese watchmaker on this list, with quality watches for men and women that won’t cost you a fortune. However, the most interesting thing about them is that they are powered by Eco-Drive quartz movements that charge in both natural and indoor light. So forget about any worries about battery life and enjoy the accurate time keeping and great style instead!


4. TAG Heuer
There are several things that make TAG Heuer watches so popular these days. First of all, they boast truly unique aesthetics, combining timeless elegance with stylish, modern appeal. Secondly, they all are high-quality mechanisms able to accompany the owner through all possible life’s adventures. Finally, most TAG Heuer luxury watches come at a very reasonable price, which makes them a preferred choice for many.

TAG Heuer watches

5. Omega
Omega is one of the largest and most recognizable luxury watch brands in the world, with an extensive range of beautiful, high-quality timepieces for men and women. Moreover, Omega is the first and only watch to be worn on the moon, which makes this company stand out from many others. No wonder, its horological masterpieces have always been in demand.

Omega watch

All of the listed above luxury watch brands are offered on our website, with a diverse selection of new and pre-owned timepieces for any taste and budget. Choose any of them, and you are sure to be satisfied with your purchase for years to come!


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