The opportunity to buy and sell online has greatly influenced the shipping industry, especially the field related to the transportation of various goods around the world. High-quality shipping services are now crucial to keep the customers satisfied. After all, everyone wants their order to be carefully packed and delivered as quickly as possible. Transporting most of the goods is not an easy task. For example, have you ever shipped something fragile and expensive like jewelry? When it comes to shipping jewelry safely and securely, the only right solution is to entrust this job to a reliable shipping company specializing in the transportation of highly valuable items. However, you still need to learn about the secrets of packing and shipping jewelry to ensure that everything arrives at the destination intact.

  • Make sure your jewelry is properly packed

When shipping something very expensive like jewelry, you need to make sure that the package arrives safe and sound. The best way to guarantee that is to avail the service of professional packing. It will ensure the reliable transportation and protect you from the negative experience of damage or loss.

  • Use only high-quality packaging materials

Every piece of jewelry, even the smallest one, should be wrapped and packed separately, using high-quality packaging materials. Besides, keep in mind that different jewels may require different packaging methods depending on their material, fragility, and delicacy.

  • Try not to stand out

If you are shipping an exquisite piece of jewelry or an expensive watch, for example Cartier, with a regular carrier, be sure not to make obvious what is in the parcel. Shipping jewelry is accompanied by many risks, and it is better not to grab the attention by placing the company logo on the package. The destination address on the front of the parcel and your business card inside are usually enough.

  • Find a reliable shipper

It is always recommended that you hire not just any carrier but a specialized shipping company proficient in the transportation of jewelry. However, you still need to learn as much information about this company as possible. Search for the reviews from the current customers and ask the chosen shippers about their experience and guarantees provided.

  • Track your package

Even if you are shipping jewelry with a trouble-free shipping company, tracking the route of your package is never superfluous. Apply these simple jewelry packing and shipping tips, and you will ensure the quick and safe delivery of your precious pieces to wherever they need to be in the world.

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