A branded wristwatch from one of the best representatives of the watchmaking world is undoubtedly the best gift for avid timepiece collectors. With the abundance of fantastic product lines, complications, and design solutions provided by the legendary manufacturers, more and more watch connoisseurs dream of having a top-notch model in their collections. That is why so many people tend to use the services of companies specializing in shipping luxury watches. After all, it is always safer to entrust the transportation process to professionals.

The two primary components of the successful transportation of your precious timekeeping device from Rolex, Cartier, Omega, or any other luxury brand are the experienced art courier service and proper packaging. The latter can be carried out by the sender instead of the transportation organization or postal service. Here are some tips for packing and shipping luxury watches safely.

How to Pack a Branded Timepiece for Transportation

First, you should get a handful of suitable packing materials, including the item’s original packaging, a rigid cardboard box, padding material, and duct tape. Make sure to follow the next rules to package your expensive luxury watch securely and make the whole transportation process completely stress-free.

  1. When shipping luxury watches, always use a decent amount of wrapping material to provide exceptional safety to your timepiece. Thus, the most suitable material for packing any valuable item is bubble wrap. In case you cannot use the original box in which the wristwatch came in, apply some extra bubble wrap. Besides that, you may use a tight plastic packet. Only then proceed to fixing the package with adhesive tape but avoid putting it directly on the timekeeping device.
  2. Prepare two cardboard boxes, one smaller than the other. When shipping the high-end timepiece in its original packaging, simply pack it in the way it was delivered to you. If not, place it into the smaller cardboard box. Ensure the reliable fixation of the precious gift before sealing the box with sticky tape.
  3. Now put the smaller box into the larger one. When talking about shipping luxury watches and other expensive items, there is no such thing as an excessive amount of cushioning material, so use a lot of foam rubber, bubble wrap, Styrofoam beads, etc. Stuff both boxes with padding material. Check if the timepiece is moving inside the package or not.
  4. Seal the cardboard container and do not forget to put a shipping label on it. Secure the package with duct tape.

If the above mentioned tips look like a big hassle for you, entrust the transfer of your luxury wristwatch to an experienced white glove moving company. This way, the top-quality delivery of your costly gift is 100% guaranteed.

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