There are ladies who feel insecure, as if they were “undressed,” if they do not wear diamond accessories or other jewelry. Is this a habit or a character trait? What does women’s jewelry talk about them?

People tend to beautify themselves to look more attractive. However, there are things that, despite all the tricks, give out the real character of the owner. These include handwriting, shoes, contents of a bag, etc. Accessories also tell a lot about their owner. They can reveal the true traits of a woman’s character and give out what she is trying to hide.

 The psychology of diamond accessories

Diamond jewelry does not always indicate the wealth of the owner or her good taste. The size of the stone plays an important role here. If a lady wears discreet jewelry (e.g., earrings decorated with a small diamond, an elegant pendant, or a narrow diamond ring) with a business suit, this woman is likely to be self-sufficient, emotionally stable, and with good self-esteem, rationality, and poise. On the other hand, if a woman wears a ring with a large, bright stone for a business meeting, people may think that she is ambitious, her self-esteem is overestimated, and her attitude toward people is consumerist. However, it is still a matter of taste and style.

 Character traits

Diamond accessories do tell a lot about the character of their owner. For example, if a lady puts on a massive, catchy ring on her middle finger, along with a diamond luxury watch, then this speaks of such a character trait as an extravagance, as well as of inner power and confidence.

If a woman wears a chain with a diamond pendant, she is likely to have a delicate nature and character.

There are also women who ignore diamond jewelry. This may indicate their modesty and shyness, or maybe they just do not like diamond accessories. The good news is that there are jewels for any taste so that even those who do not wear diamonds can find something that suits their character and image best.

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