Watch Glossary

  • Water Resistant

    Every producer of the luxury watch provides the manual with full information regarding the exact level of water resistance. It can be very important information for many watch lovers. This feature of the high end watches is quite common, and the only distinction is the level of the resistance to water. It is important to keep in mind also the fact, that after a certain time, the seals or gaskets of the watch begin to erode, and the level of water resistance changes. So some watchmakers advice the owners to test their luxury watches once a year. The weakest parts of a watch are the case back, crown and gaskets. As the case-back is attached with screws, it is very important the screws to be sealed tight. Any deformity of the case or a gasket will allow water to penetrate inside the watches. The ordinary watch case construction allows to the owner of the watch a light swimming or immersion in a water pool and has a water resistance of 100m/330ft maximum. Crown is very important item of the luxury watch that insures its water resistance. A stem hole of the watch crown is the weakest point for making the water to penetrate inside. Moreover, the crown stem is directly attached to the watch movement by means of special hole in the watch case, so operating the crown under the water is strictly prohibited. The luxury watch gaskets are made of rubber and prevent the water flowing inside. Nevertheless, gaskets erode and break down. In conclusion, every respected watchmaker advices the owners to perform “water-resistant” testing of the luxury watches for prolonging the life of a high end watch. It should be noted, that if the water comes in contact with the watch movement it is the worst case that can happen.

  • Wave

    Sometimes in descriptions you can read that a timepiece has a wave-pattern on the dial. It means that the watch dial has a creative design, when there is a series of lines on the dial that look like waves. The brightest representative of luxury watch brands that produce timepieces with wave-pattern dials is Omega. The name of the collection of fine watches, Seamaster speaks for itself. A wave-pattern dial was included to support the whole design and the image of the timepiece. High-end watches form this collection are sought-after all over the world. Due to creative dial design, these items of luxury watches look very original and segregate among the other watches with plain dials. Some watch manufacturers produce prestige watches with wave-pattern not only for adults, but also for children. Fashionable timepiece, such as Vintage Round Wave Pattern Watch, with a colorful wave-pattern will be a perfect gift for your child. It will elate his spirits and make him smile. There is also an item of Swiss watches, Super Design Geneva Wrist watch with a bright wave-pattern on the dial. In fact, there is a variety of timepieces with such virtue and there is always a possibility to choose to your liking. There can be watches with different forms of waves on the dial, from thin to more wide.

  • Wheel Train

    In mechanical movement of high-end watches, the wheel train, or the so-called going train represents the system that transmits power from the mainspring to the escapement. A wheel train is the gear train of a mechanical watch. The wheel trains of many luxury watches have the same parts because movements of the timepieces are standardized. The big gears in fine watches are usually called wheels, the smaller gears are called pinions and the shafts that the wheels and pinions are mounted on are called arbors. The wheel train has two functions in prestige watches. It scales up the speed of rotation of the mainspring or the weight pulley. This allows the use of a strong mainspring that will run the watch for days or weeks. Besides, its gear ratios divide the rotation of the escape wheel into time units of seconds, minutes and hours to power the hands. In items of best luxury watches their arbors have jewel bearings. The wheel train in modern high-end luxury watches consists of: a great wheel, attached to the main spring, center or second wheel, which turns once per hour, third wheel, which drives the pinion of the fourth wheel, fourth wheel that turns once per minute and the escape wheel that keeps the balance swinging by giving it a small push each time it moves forward.

  • White Gold

    White gold in luxury watches is an alloy of gold and at least one white metal. To make the gold white, it is combined with metal alloys that are white in nature and plated with an extremely hard element called rhodium. Without the rhodium, white gold might be grey and dull brown. Despite the fact that rhodium is strong, it may wear away over time. Replating is a simple process that can be done to restore whiteness to rhodium-plated jewelry. White gold is a popular material for fine watches and is an alternative to yellow gold, silver or platinum. Some people prefer the silver color of white gold to the yellow color of normal gold. However, silver may be too soft or too easily glazed. White gold in prestige watches contains different amounts of gold that is always yellow, it also contains one or more white metals to lighten its color and add durability. Usually metals that form the white gold are nickel, palladium, platinum and manganese. Sometimes it can be copper and zinc. The purity of white gold in high-end watches is expressed in karats, the same as with yellow gold. White gold high-end luxury watches are usually made from a gold-palladium-silver alloy or gold-nickel-copper-zinc alloy that can cause a skin reaction. Sometimes people experience the reaction in the form of a skin rash. Some manufacturers of the best luxury watches do not add nickel to the alloy in order to make white gold less allergic.

  • Winding Stem

    The winding stem, also called the crown is the button on the end of the spindle that is used for adjusting the time and date on an analogue luxury watch. The crown winds timepieces with a manual wind mechanism and it stops the watch when pulled away from the face which helps the battery last longer. In older fine watches and pocket watches which are not powered by batteries it is also used to wind the spring of the timepiece to give it power. Usually the winding is done with the crown flush against the timepiece, pulled out once it adjusts the date and pulled out a second “click” it adjusts the time. The crown of high-end watches is usually round and ridged to provide grip on the finger. The crown of high-end luxury watches can be simple or plain. It cam match the color of the dial, or it can be a different color to match the fashion of the piece. The size of each crown in prestige watches can vary depending on the style of the watch and whether its function is strictly utility or fashion. There exist many types of watch crowns and they have different features. For example, in chronograph watches the crown can also be used to run the stopwatch, set the moon phase and other operations.

  • World Timer

    For those who travel a lot or who need to know the time in different time zones, the World Timer feature is created. The luxury watch with this feature is designed to show the time of up to 24 time zones around the world, and the high end watches with such extraordinary feature are called “World Timers.” The names of the cities are printed on the watch dial, making the time observing for the viewer more informative and visible. The hour hand points to a particular scale with the city written, matching the proper time of the time zone where the city is located. The minute hand traces in its ordinary way, matching the minute signs of the extra minute circle of the luxury watch's plate. The Vacheron Constantin luxury watch could be an example of a designer watch with Word Timer feature, showing the time in multiple locations all over the world. The three fine watch’s hands show the exact time, tracing around the two edges of the watch face. The outer edge of the high end watch is quite ordinary and is divided into 60 segments, representing seconds and minutes. The minute hand and second hand are pointing this edge. The main and more visible edge of the dial is for the hour hand. This main hour-edge is divided into 24 segments instead of the ordinary 12 segments as the viewer used to see. Under the 24-segmented edge about forty capitals of the different countries are scripted. The luxury watch with Word Timer feature can be more farraginous but more useful at the same time.

  • Wrist Size

    Obviously, it is much more convenient to measure the wrist size before buying the luxury watches or the watch strap. Someone can advise the way of checking the measurement when the finger fits within the strap of the fine watch. It can ease and improve the wearing of the watches. Anyway, it is the matter of each owner of the luxury watch and the model of watch. There are watch models that look quite nice when worn quite easily on the wrist and, at the same time, there are some watch pieces that bring pleasure of being worn tightly. Some watchmakers give an advice that works like this: if to hold the arm perpendicular to the ground, the watch should not spin around or face down the wrist. Measurement of the wrist is easy and not time-consuming. Just using the ribbon or any piece of string is quite enough to measure the wrist. After having wrapped the ribbon around the wrist, make a mark on the ribbon and then put the ribbon or piece of string along the ruler. The next step is measuring the luxury watch strap, considering the location of pinholes and the dimensions of the watch’s case. The watch straps usually come with a standard lengths. The typical strap size charts for the watches for men and watches for women differs. The ladies watch straps are divided into Short, Regular and Long lengths. The Typical Size Chart for watches for men has a strap length like Short, Regular, European Standard, Long, Extra Long and XX-Long.


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