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Watch Glossary

  • Unisex Watch

    Fashion trends have been involved in a gender mash-up for some time now and this has had an impact on the design of luxury watches. Once a symbol of wealth, fine watches have been valued more fore the lifestyle they refer to than for their actual design. Over the last decades, prestige watches have become a key fashion accessory, making many a stellar appearance on trend-setting catwalks around the world. Unisex high-end watches can be seen on the wrists of many Hollywood stars, as these watches are versatile and fashionable. They can be retro of futuristic, minimalistic or baroque and they don`t need to cost very much to make a stylish statement. Actually, many manufacturers of designer watches have turned to unisex timepieces, releasing new and gainful product lines. One of the representatives of unisex prestige watches is Ice-Watch Unisex Ice-Chrono Black Watch. This watch is a perfect item for men due to its restrained and masculine look. Phillipe Stark Unisex Digital Watch PH 1116 is another great item of unisex high-end luxury watches. It is one of the most popular unisex timepieces with a digital quartz movement and a digital display. Another watch that has got in the list of the best unisex timepieces is Malco Unisex MW5 Bluemarine Watch. It is a high-end product with a quartz mechanism.

  • Used Watch

    For the customer, there is a wide range of luxury watches on different websites. Fine watches can be new or used. New timepieces are those, that were not worn and on the contrary, used high-end watches have a previous wearer. New timepieces are always in a good condition and do not have any imperfections. Buying the used piece of prestige watches, you must remember that if it wasn`t gently worn, it can have some scratches or other imperfections. The price of used high-end luxury watches wavers with fashion. Diver`s, yachter`s and driver`s used timepieces are all the go. Many independent jewelers sell used timepieces and they often come with the guarantee. However, it is the dealers who can get what you really want if you are searching for the exclusive item to add to your collection of used timepieces. Condition and working order are everything with used timepieces, so only bother with the best. The typical collector of used best luxury watches is being male and there is a void in the market for used watches for women. You can purchase a female used timepiece from the sought-after brand for a dole of the price of the male version. Their ratable cheapness makes them a good investment possibility as experts suppose they will become more popular in the future with the rest of the market.


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