Watch Glossary

  • Tachymeter

    A tachymeter scale in high-end watches is sometimes inscribed around the rim of an analog timepiece. It can be used to compute a speed based on travel time or measure distance based on speed. The spacings between the marks on the tachymeter dial of the best luxury watches are therefore proportional to 1/t where t is the elapsed time. The function performed by a tachymeter of luxury watches is independent of the unit if distance (kilometers, metres) as log as the same unit of length is used for calculations. It can also be used to measure an industrial production process in units per hour. A tachymeter is simply a means of converting elapsed time in seconds per unit to units per hour. To measure the speed with the help of the tachymeter, start the chronograph of the item of prestige watches at a starting marker of a known distance. At the next marker, the point on the scale adjacent to the second indicates the speed of travel between the two. The typical tachymeter scale on a watch converts between the number of seconds it takes for an event to happen and the number of times that event will occur in one hour. Tachymeter-equipped fine watches can also used to measure distance while the speed is held constant. The tachymeter scale of high-end luxury watches is rotated to align with the second hand at the start of the length to be measured. When the second hand reaches the point on the scale where the speed indicated equals the speed of the vehicle, one unit of distance has been covered.

  • Tang

    Once you unfold the men’s belt, you met the “tang-typed” buckle. This kind of connecting of the two separate ends of a watch strap or a belt is quite common among the fashion items today. This connection is being used many decades already. Historically, this kind of connecting the watch strap ends was one of the first. It is the traditional and classic variant of junction of two separate parts of something. Today it is number one device and “tang-typed” buckle is wide-spread and well-known among the fashion designers. The “tang-typed” buckle is adjustable mechanism and looks like an ordinary belt’s buckle. The tang buckle operates with a buckle pin that helps the owner to adjust the strap according to the size of his wrist and to fix his luxury watch piece. This connecting “tang-typed” device works in a leather or rubber watch straps mostly. The owner of a luxury watch piece certainly will enjoy “tang-typed” buckle made of gold or platinum. Sometimes the high end watch producers launch their luxury watches writing down the name of a luxury watch brand or their own initials on a tang of the buckle. Moreover, the high end watch can be created in a one designer line with a buckle and tang, repeating and matching the common designer idea of a fine watch creator. The “tang-typed” buckle doubtless can be the part of the fine watch and the luxury item itself, proving the original of the designer watch piece.

  • Tapestry

    In some descriptions of famous designer watches it is said about “tapestry-style dials”. This means the timepiece has vertical lines on the dial, which gives it a corduroy-like appearance. Luxury watches with tapestry dials look more elegant and stylish. Some manufacturers of high-end watches add this feature to their timepieces. For example, the Rolex brand created a Rolex Datejust collection of fine watches with tapestry dials that became a hallmark of the collection. The first Datejust watch was released in 1945 and the tapestry dial with vertical stripes that caught the light with a pleasant subdued shimmer effect gave it an extra sophistication. Champagne-color tapestry dials are the most widespread. There are also best luxury watches with black and grey tapestry dials. A tapestry dial distinguishes the watch among the other high-end luxury watches and gives it an aesthetic look. Timepieces with a tapestry dial will fit men as well as women and can be suitable to any occasion. The tapestry dial is a statement of prestige and elegance that always accompanies exclusive watches. Although tapestry dials can`t be called very rare, they are not commonly used dials. The tapestry dial reflects the exclusiveness of the watch. If you wear the timepiece with a tapestry dial, it means you want to stand out of the crowd. Such choice says about your perfect sense of style.

  • Tension

    Some luxury watch lovers wear their fine watches freely and gently on their wrists when others draw their watch’s strap tightly. The tension of the watch strap to a wrist is different in both cases and is adjusted according to owner’s fashion style or even his character. Anyway, it is important correctly to adjust and to find the proper tension of the strap, wearing expensive high end watches on your wrist with ease and convenience. The locking clasp of the strap or a bracelet of the designer watch helps to adjust the length according to your choice. Every manufacturer proposes the full instruction of correct adjusting of the watch strap to please the happy owner of his luxury watch item. The ways of adjusting the watch on the wrist is a rare procedure and can be paralleled to a tuning of a musician instrument. The first adjusting is important and breathtaking. The secret of correct adjusting of the watch strap is hidden in the instructions and using just a finger nail often is not enough. The special adjustable strap plate that secures the tension usually requires much pressure to slide up. So the luxury watches often come with an appropriate tool similar to very fine screwdriver. It is important to remember that the wrong tool can easily scratch the expensive locking clasp. Having bought your luxury watch piece, correctly operate with the appropriate tool and just open the strap plate, carefully adjust the tension according your desire and push down the plate. Then you can astonish the outer world with your fine watch artwork and enjoy the proper strap tension on your wrist.

  • Textured

    Initially, the word “textured” represented the feeling of something. When it is said that an item of luxury watches has a textured dial, it often means that parts of the dial are raised. If you touched the dial under the crystal, you would feel the raised parts of the surface that make the dial textured. Many brands that produce high-end watches have timepieces with textured dials in their collections. For example, the Invicta brand has the Invicta Men`s 1930 Sea Spider Chronograph with a black textured dial. One of famous luxury watch brands, Fossil also includes this virtue to their designer watches, for example to Fossil Mens Taupe Dial watch. Another manufacturer of fine watches, Chopard has a Mille Miglia Watch with a silver textured dial. All these timepieces look very elegant and stylish due to this feature. This dial design is widely used by manufacturers of Swiss watches. Italian watchmakers keep apace with them. The Italian brand Lancaster has a collection of watches for men with an elegant, black textured dial. Men`s Le Locle Silver Watch is another representative of timepieces with a textured dial from a well-respected brand with a name Tissot. A textured dial contributes more sophistication and delicacy to the classical design of this watch. You can find this feature in men watches collections as well as in women collections of watches.

  • Three-Quarter Plate Movement

    The three-quarter plate is a typical feature of many high-end luxury watches. It is called this because it covers approximately three quarters of the movement and provides stable support for the spring barrel, crown and ratchet wheel as well as for the entire gear train. The three-quarter plate has a removable escape wheel bridge. It facilitates an inspection of the luxury watch because the escape wheel and indeed the entire escapement can be removed and cleaned more easily. One of the advantages of the three-quarter plate in fine watches is that it is felt to afford the movement greater stability than using separate bridges. Another benefit of the three-quarter plate is the beauty of its appearance. In the three-quarter plate movements of high-end watches the top plate carries the pivots of the barrel, center, third and fourth wheel. The three-quarter plate movement is a traditional feature of Glashutte luxury watches and is visible through the sapphire crystal case back of the timepieces. As the true art of watchmaking reveals itself in details, the Glashutte three-quarter plate features gold chatons held by three screws and the striking balance wheel with filigreed gold weighted screws. Components of the three-quarter plate movement of Glashutte best luxury watches have the fine decoration that is finished by hand. This is the tradition of the old masters.

  • Titanium Watch

    Titanium has become very popular in the watch industry. Until recently it has been used exclusively as an aerospace material and now it is penetrating many markets, including the watch market. Titanium is 40% lighter and almost twice as durable as stainless steel. As the element, titanium is known for its silver color and strength. It also has an excellent corrosion-resistance and it is so good that it is almost impossible to rust titanium. The corrosion resistance of titanium high-end luxury watches is similar to that of platinum and in terms of engineering metals only zirconium can beat titanium for corrosion resistance. This material is also much harder than gold, platinum and aluminum. Titanium luxury watches are strong and durable. Many people prefer to wear titanium fine watches because they are hypoallergenic, which means that they do not cause a reaction with the skin. Because of its illustrious silver coloring, titanium is the perfect element for high-end watches. Many famous watch companies now create timepieces from titanium that boast many of the same elements, styles, and functions of prestige watches. While there are many metals that are used to make watches, titanium is such element that offers a unique design. The silver coloring and hypoallergenic qualities are favorable to many customers. Nowadays manufacturers of the best luxury watches create a wide range of titanium timepieces for the market.

  • Tourbillon

    In horology, tourbillon is an addition to the mechanisms of a luxury watch escapement. It was developed in 1795 by the French-Swiss watch manufacturer Abraham-Louis Breguet. The tourbillon aims to counter the effects of gravity by mounting the escapement and balance wheel in a rotating cage, to negate the effect of gravity when the piece of high-end watches is stuck in a certain position. As an attempt to improve precision, tourbillons are still included in expensive fine watches as a novelty and demonstration of watchmaking virtuosity. The mechanism is usually exposed on the watch`s face to show it off. There exist different types of tourbillons. You may hear of traditional tourbillons and flying tourbillons, along with various terms to refer to multi-axis tourbillons. Traditional tourbillons of high-end luxury watches use what is called a bridge that is a part of the mechanism hat holds it in place. This is literally the piece over the tourbillon, around which is free viewing of the tourbillon in operation. A flying tourbillon of prestige watches is a special type of construction purely for aesthetic purposes. It removes the bridge for “unobstructed view” of the tourbillon operating in its natural environment. A tourbillon of the best luxury watches is placed in a so-called cage that rotates and houses the balance wheel that oscillates within. Most tourbillon movements operate on one axis, but some exotic “multi-axis” tourbillons move around on two or more axis points.

  • Tourque

    Rotational force in high-end watches is usually called a tourque. Tourque is a term we use to talk about a force that acts in a luxury watch to rotate the hands. It is the rotational equivalent of force in a linear motion system. A tourque can arise from a single offset-applied force, from multiple applied forces, or when analyzing structures. It is a “force times a closest distance”, even if that distance is to a point not on the structure under consideration. A tourque does not produce linear displacement of the thing that is being “tourqued”, but nets to zero displacement over some length or some time. Technically, tourque is the turning effect of a couple while moment of a force is the turning effect due to a single force but they are often interchanged. Some brands that release high-end luxury watches, for example Red line, include tourque in their timepieces. They have a collection called Red Line Tourque Sport Watches. These are prestige watches with a smart modern flair and mechanical movements. These fine watches will go with you into the heat of daily meeting but they are weekend wearers as well. One of the best luxury watches in this collection is called Men`s Tourque Sport Black Dial Watch that is a perfect choice for an active man due to its reliability.

  • Two Tone

    Two tone high-end watches are made from yellow and white gold, sterling silver, stainless steel, various plastics, alloys and plated metals. The two-tone fine watches will be well made, fit your budget and match your personal style. The material is typically the determining factor in the cost of a luxury watch, coupled with the brand. You cam find two tone timepieces online or through catalogues. Two-tone watches are available in digital and analog formats. Two-tone high-end luxury watches made of gold are usually marked on the back of the band with a number like 10, 14, or 24 and the letter K that stands for karat. The great thing about two tone timepieces is its versatility. This style is easy to dress up or dress down for work and special occasions. Two tone luxury watches can be especially useful and aesthetically pleasing for ladies because a woman can wear other gold or silver jewelry without having to change the timepiece. A two tone timepiece will be a great purchase for those who are in need of a super-wearable update. Many luxury watch brands produce two tone watches, for example Cartier and Tag Heuer. These brands make classic two-tone watches. Additionally, while an all-gold watch can be a little snazzy, a two tone timepiece feels just a little bit more luxurious than for instance, a solely silver watch.


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