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Watch Glossary

  • Sapphire Crystal

    Sapphire is a gemstone variety of the mineral corundum, an aluminum oxide. Sapphires are widely used jewelry, especially in luxury watches. They can be found naturally, or manufactured for industrial or decorative purposes. Sapphires are used to make crystals for the dials of fine watches because of their resistance and toughness as well as the aesthetic appearance. Sapphire is the second strongest jewel on the Moths mineral hardness scale, second only to the diamond. The crystal of high-end watches is usually made up of a sapphire-quartz combination. The screens are not completely shatter proof since strength is different than hardness, but it means that almost nothing other than diamond can scratch the face. That means that people who like to keep the dials of their high-end luxury watches completely scratch-free often choose this watch crystal. There are a lot of examples of using sapphire crystals as screens in prestige watches For example The Richard Mille collection with the Tourbillon. Although sapphire is tough, it takes delicate work during machining. The best luxury watches often take 1,000 hour of machining with 430 hours pre-forming case parts and 350 for watch case polishing. Timepieces with sapphire crystals can cost between $100 and 300$ or even more. Sapphire crystals are often added to diving timepieces due to their clearness and toughness despite water pressure of 50 meters or more.

  • Satin Finish

    Satin finish can help you to get rid off scratches on the case of the piece of high-end luxury watches and to make it glossy. The degree of flatness of gloss of a finish is defined by the reflectivity. There are four graded terms commonly used: full gloss, semi gloss, satin, flat. Satin of high-end watches is achieved by mixing flatting agent with the finish. The more agent that is mixed in, the flatter the finish. When drying, the flatting agent floats to the surface, which causes the flat or satin finish. It is generally a surface effect that can be buffed out, but not always. Some flatting agents cause excess porosity in the finish, which prevent it from being buffed to a full gloss. To get a satin finish of your piece of fine watches, prepare the case of a luxury watch with a high polish. Then specify to the plating shop to do satin nickel plate, instead of the normal bright nickel that forms the base layer of the other plated finishes. This is a different plating bath to normal bright nickel, and has chemical added to the bath which gives a fine satin finish to the nickel chemically. Then, when the top plating is applied, it will also be satin. Remember, that is always better to take your item of best luxury watches to the professional. He will take care of your piece of prestige watches and will make everything carefully.

  • Screw-Down Crown

    A screw-down crown is commonly found in dive luxury watches. It ensures water resistance by sealing the crown of the case of the timepiece. A seal is created when the case locks with the crown`s internal threads and gaskets that are compressed and seals the opening when the crown is tightened. This is fastening the crown securely into place. In order to adjust the date and time on the item of fine watches with a screw-down crown, you must first unscrew the crown before you can gently pull it out to its first or second click stop position. To do this, you have to rotate the crown of your luxury watch counterclockwise until it springs open. When you have finished setting the timepiece, the crown must then be pushed in and screwed back in tightly. If you don’t do so, water resistance will be cancelled. On the whole, this process should not require a lot of effort or force. A screw-down crown is a crucial feature of high-end watches you intend on swimming with. It is not recommended to swim with a timepiece that does not have a screw-down crown. However, even if the item of prestige watches has a screw-down crown, it is never to be pushed or opened when the watch is submerged into the water. Additionally, the screw-down crown of the best luxury watches is somehow more protected from accidental knocks.

  • Second Time Zone

    A second time zone luxury watch that is also called a GMT watch can show you time simultaneously in two zones. GMT stands for Greenwich Mean Time, the time zone of the United Kingdom. GMT was adopted in 1884. It is one of the most popular complications a timepiece can have. Second time zone high-end watches are convenient for the travelers, businessmen with an international company or a family with distant relatives. The purpose of such fine watches is to show what time of the day is elsewhere. Second-time zone watches have been around since 1853, when the Tissot company created its first pocket watch. The function of having two clock faces set with different time zones on one piece of high-end luxury watches was initially produced for travelers who would leave their time zone and wanted to know the time in the place they left. Once they arrived, or even before arrival, the user could set the other clock face to the time of their destination. With the appearance of second time zone prestige watches, the user could simply look at his timepiece and know whether the family that was three zones away, was already sleeping. The best luxury watches with second time zone function are handy for business as well. Businessmen who have regular contacts with clients in the other parts of the country or world can set their second clock face to what time zone these contacts are in.

  • Self-Winding Movement

    Self-winding watch is a mechanical watch where the movement is powered by the natural motions of the wearer's arm. This fine watch doesn’t require a battery; it just needs to be wound at intervals. A self-winding movement has a mechanism that winds the mainspring. The usual movements of the wearer's arm are translated into round motion of the rotor that in the end winds the mainspring. The best luxury watches with a self-winding movement are very reliable. They will not fail to restart if they haven’t been running for a period. Mechanic high-end watches with self-winding movement hold the charm of old world of craftsmanship. These fine watches are purely mechanical. A self-winding mechanism is solely based on emotions. Some companies of the best luxury watches for men and women like Seiko or Orient developed the self-winding mechanism that allowed their watches to be constructed without a wind up feature. The rotor and winding system in such mechanisms are not that effectual. They would require a wearer of a fine watch to move his timepiece back and forth for several minutes before it will start and carry enough energy to run for more than a couple of minutes. The advantage of the self-winding movement of the best luxury watches for men and women is that they can run for generations, providing that you have had it serviced routinely.

  • Shock Resistance

    Shock-resistant is a common mark stamped on the back of luxury watches to indicate how well a timepiece can cope with mechanical shocks. In mechanical fine watches, it shows that the delicate pivots that hold the balance wheel are mounted in a spring suspension system intended to protect them from damage if the timepiece is dropped. One of the earliest and most widely used was the Incabloc system, created in 1934. Before the widespread adoption of shock resistant balance pivots in the 1950`s, broken balance wheel staffs were a common cause of watch repairs. Nowadays, all mechanical high-end watches are shock-resistant. Even divers` timepieces must correspond not only with such criteria as water resistance, but also shock resistance. A luxury watch that is shock-resistant should be able to withstand a fall from 1 meter onto a wooden floor without sustaining any significant damages. In some cases, some of the parts in high-end luxury watches might be mounted to springs to help absorb a large impact. Shock-resistant timepieces are usually worn by worn by people whose actions result in harsh banging or knocking of their wrist on everyday objects. The shock-resistant timepieces reduce the concern of accidental damage. The shock resistance of the best luxury watches that correspond to ISO 1413 allows people working with heavy equipment to be sure that their timepieces will likely remain operational in conditions normally too abusive for less-rugged watches.

  • Skeleton

    Hearing the word “skeleton”, you may think that it goes about the bones of a living creature but it means a window built into the dial of fine watches. The skeleton window is a great sight to see. It can be situated right on the dial or cover the whole dial. Sometimes, it is situated on the case back of high-end watches. The skeleton window is a see-through window that let you see the watch movement. There is also a word “exhibition window” that means a small window that reveals only the part of the movement. The real “skeletonization” includes recession of the excessive metal in the movement of prestige watches. The frame, needed for functionality of the movement is left. The first skeleton luxury watches appeared together with mechanical watches. The reason was in the difficulty of building the movement into the case. Soon after, it was covered from all sides. However the back and front lids of the case opened and revealed the heart of the watch. Nowadays the manufacturers of best luxury watches create their skeleton timepieces in such a way that you don`t see the excessive details, but the movement looks impressive and harmonious. Skeleton watches are very sought-after. In order to create not only precise, but also an aesthetic movement, craftsmen that create famous designer watches cover some parts of the movement with precious metals. Some parts can be also covered with the imagery.

  • Special Features

    Nowadays, there is a variety of luxury watches that can do many things besides telling the time. Multifunction becomes an important word when it comes to the goods these days. This word means convenience. Here are some special features that are often included to prestige watches: - Alarm. Alarm high-end watches can be more convenient than alarm clocks on your nightstand. It can also be a good reminder throughout the day. - Date and time. Having a piece of fine watches that shows the date as well as the time can come in handy for anyone at some point. - Digital and analog display. This is more or less a luxury virtue, but it can be useful when you need to quickly see the exact time. - Chronograph watches. This a type of sports representative of high-end luxury watches that is more convenient for the athletes, but non-athletes will also find use for this type of timepiece. - Extra time zones. Famous designer watches often can show different time zones, which is very convenient for those who travel a lot. - USB watches. These high tech timepieces can store personal data that can be accessed with a password. - Tachymeter. Let you measure the average speed. - Moon phase indicator. The indicator that displays a phase of the moon on the dial.

  • Split-Seconds

    The split-second chronograph, based on the principal as the regular chronograph, adds an extra intricacy: the ability to record and display an intermediate time. This feature of high-end watches allows two time intervals to be compared, for example the time of two runners. When stopped, the seconds hand hides another hand. When the chronograph of item of luxury watches is started, the two hands start moving in lockstep one above the other, until another press of the split-second pusher separates them. The first hand freezes while the other carries on turning. It is then possible to read the intermediate time while the other chronograph hand continues its progress. A second press makes the stopped hand catch up with the moving hand. Constructing a mechanism which allows two hands to function synchronously while ensuring maximum precision represents a technical challenge. The split-second chronograph of prestige watches, based on a mechanical clutch and memory system, is one of the most complex watch complications to produce. Luxury watches by brand Blancpain for example, are all fitted with a second column wheel, the mechanism used in the most refined and prestigious chronographs, to control the stopping and catching up of the chronograph seconds hands. An isolating wheel, the mechanism in fine watches round out the device to transform a chronograph into a split-second chronograph. Blancpain was the company that presented the first example of the best luxury watches with a split-second chronograph.

  • Sports Watch

    A sport luxury watch is a blending of functions of a stopwatch, alarm and classic wristwatch. All these features are combined into one technological watch. This item of fine watches is created to be tough, handsome and convenient. A sport timepiece is water resistant, shock resistant, and can help you improve you lap time or 5k. While the representatives of dress watches have bezels of polished metals, a sport timepiece is made of plastic or rubber composites. These pieces of high-end luxury watches are often manufactured in black, they now come in many colors from vivid yellow to bright red. Time and date on a sport watch are in digital LCD, and mode buttons change function and input settings. One of the main features of these high-end watches is a chronometer. By pressing a button until “chrono” flashes, you can switch from date and time to stopwatch mode. Clock laps, mile markers, or your 5k run time, right down to split seconds. The stopwatch function of this example of prestige watches saves individual lap times to memory while keeping track of accumulated time. To see individual times, you can cycle through with the press of a button. You can also save or erase recorded times. Triathletes wear sport best luxury watches because they are shock and water-resistant. This makes them suitable to the pools, boating, kayaking and other activities.


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