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Watch Glossary

  • Rare

    A rare watch is usually very difficult to locate, because it has been produced long time ago or came in a limited collection. Rare fine watches are valued by the collectors and watch enthusiasts because of their vintage look, traditional technologies and exclusiveness. Rare high end watches can look quite usual, but it's their rareness that makes them so sought after. Collectible watches cost thousands, and sometimes millions of dollars, but for passionate connoisseurs they are more than just timekeepers, but the investment for the present and the future. There are many things that make the luxury watch rare. Firstly, some timepieces are hard to find because their high demand exceeds supply. Secondly, a watch is very expensive and exclusive if it has some historical significance or belonged to a famous person. Fine watches that have some horological significance (first automatic watch, first water proof watch, etc.) are also very rare. So, if a luxury watch is old, it does not necessarily make it rare, because there can be thousands of the same timepieces. Jewel encrusted watches with complications are also quite valuable. Of course, the rarity of the luxury watch depends much on the collection and the manufacturer. Rolex President, Omega Seamaster and Tag Heuer Monaco are the great examples of popular rare timepieces. Vintage rare watches are always extremely expensive and can be bought through auctions or respected dealers.

  • Rattrapante

    A rattrapante is a type of chronograph in fine watches that has two seconds hands and can time multiple simultaneous events, for example, runners running a race. This split-seconds chronograph looks like a regular chronograph, but it actually has two hands showing elapsed seconds. One of these hands is called rattrapante (“to catch again” from French) and can be situated either on top or underneath the main chronograph hand. The rattrapante is started simultaneously with the chronograph hand, but it can be repeatedly stopped to measure split time. This process goes without the stopping of the main hand. It sounds very easy, but the split-seconds chronograph is extremely difficult to assemble. This luxury watch is considered to be so challenging that it usually earns the title of the grand complication. The rattrapante chronographs are the best luxury watches that are valued by the collectors, who admire their rarity, delicate movements and elaborate mechanics. Patek Philippe is one of the luxury watch brands which is often associated with the rattrapante chronograph. Its Calibre CH R 27-525 PS boasts the thinnest rattrapante chronograph movement ever and, of course, the most breathtaking price. There is a variety of choices of fine watches for men and women that feature this grand complication. Panerai, Omega, Zenith, Chronoswiss are among the companies that produce high end watches with split seconds chronographs.

  • Regatta Timer

    Nowadays the samples of fine watches have a great variety of complications. Every complication is a sophisticated peculiarity, which can be very useful for people of define professions. The regatta timer is a type of luxury watch complication, which is intended for yachting. A sample of prestige watches with the given complication should have wide dial and big buttons; it should be comfortable and easy to use, in general. Timer for regatta is a modify chronograph, which not only measures time, but also makes counter down. Moreover, not every company, which produces prestige watches, can make a model with regatta timer. In the majority of cases, the watch making trademarks create limited editions of timepieces with this complication. Rolex Yacht-Master II and Panerai Luminor 1950 Flyback Regatta are the classical models of luxury watch of this type. The Men's Omega Seamaster Nzl-32 Chrono 2513.30 Watch is a model of high-end watches, which has a case of stainless steel. The case of this lovely piece of watch art perfectly combines with a strap of the same material. A silver tone dial of the given timepiece is equipped with regatta timer at the nine o’clock position. The articles of luxury watches with a regatta timer are an accessory for people who go in for such an extreme sport as yachting. An owner of this watch will be invincible with magnificent accuracy, which the given complication can provide.

  • Repeater

    A repeater is a complication of luxury watches that audibly chimes the hours and often minutes at the press of a button. At the simplest level, a repeater watch is a timepiece that sounds the hours and potentially the minutes. Fine watches chime hours with a low tone and partial hours with a high tone. There exist various types of repeater high-end watches. - Dumb repeater- a rare but practical type of repeater that causes the case to vibrate rather than create an audible tone. It was created for the hearing impaired, and has a practical use for people who are visually and hearing impaired. - Hour repeater- a luxury watch that only chimes the hours with a low tone. - Quarter repeater- adds to the hour repeater by indicating the completed quarter hours. - Ten minute repeater- It is almost the same as the quarter repeater but breaks the hour into six 10 minute sections instead of four quarter - Half quarter repeater- It will indicate hours with a low tone, then quarters with a high tone and then half quarters with a high tone. - Minute repeater- this is the same as the half quarter repeater, but the final high tone indicates minutes. These repeaters of high-end luxury watches originated before widespread artificial illumination, to allow the time to be determined in the dark. Now they are considered to be a feature of the expensive prestige watches.

  • Retrograde

    The Retrograde Display is one the fine features of the mechanical luxury watches that illustrates the time function in a quite different way than we used to see. The main principle of the Retrograde Display is in watch’s hand tracing along the arc of the fine watch’s plate instead of the hands running around the edge. After reaching the end of the arc, the hand returns to its starting position to begin the path again. The usage of retrograde displays is not limited to indicate the date or second time zone only but can be extended to such high end watch’s functions like chronograph counter, hour, seconds and other functions. Under the plate of spectacular retrograde display, the complex watch’s systems and mechanisms are hidden. These are the complex systems that transform the ordinary circular movement into a back-and-forth tracing of the watch’s hand. These complicated fine systems provide the ultra-fast returning of the watch’s hand and make the hand immediately to restart again. The special springs, pawls and racks are involved into this magic unseen process, allowing the viewer to admire the spectacular travelling of the hand along the dial’s arc of the luxury watch. The appearance of the high end watch is more attractive, when the fine watch is equipped with more than one retrograde display, and, at the same time, the more retrograde displays are assembled, the more precise handwork and master’s art is required. Many watchmakers contribute a lot of their passion and engineering mastership to create fine watches with one or more retrograde displays.

  • Rose Gold

    Rose gold is a gold and copper alloy widely used for high-end luxury watches. Rose gold, also known as pink gold and red gold was popular in Russia at the beginning of the nineteenth century, and was known as Russian gold, although the term was exotic. Rose gold luxury watches have become very popular in the 21 century. This material is also used in wedding rings, bracelets and other jewelry. The highest karat version of rose gold is known as crown gold, which is 22 karat. Eighteen karat rose gold may be made of 25% copper and 75% gold. For 18 karat rose gold, typically about 4% silver is added to 75% gold and 21% copper to give a rose color. Rose gold fine watches have a subtle and delicate color that can intensify with age due to a slight, but attractive, staining of the copper. Rose gold is created by increasing the copper-colored alloys mixed with gold and decreasing the silver-colored alloys. 14k Rose gold high-end watches contain as much pure gold as 14k yellow gold but it is slightly pinker in color. Rose gold prestige watches are available in 9k, 14k and in 18k gold. Rose gold is quite rare and rose gold famous designer watches are preferred by many people from fashion world because of the exclusivity of these timepieces.


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