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Watch Glossary

  • Quartz Movement

    Quartz movement is, usually, the most accurate type of movement for the best luxury watches for men and women. This type of movement uses a battery for its power source. These models do not have a winding crown, for recharging accumulator one should expose the dial either to the sun or to artificial light. A few quartz high-end watches have solar-powered rechargeable batteries. The electric current causes the quartz inside to vibrate with an exact rate. The rate is broken down through an integrated circuit where power is released through a small stepping motor setting the watch hands in motion. Quartz battery can last between twelve and twenty-four months before it should be replaced. It is very important to replace the battery of the fine watch with quartz movement right after it stops. It is important because there is a possibility of it leaking acid that can cause damage to the movement. By the way, the ambient temperature may affect the exactness of quartz movement causing variations of fraction of a second per day. Quartz movements are trustworthy and very exact with very low maintenance costs. Quartz watches are so beloved for most watch fans and collectors because they have the technical craftsmanship and engineering. Quartz movements in fine Swiss watch brands, such as Patek Philippe, are constructed to accomplish with their stringent quality standards.


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