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Watch Glossary

  • Lap Timer

    A common concept when training in any sort of speed sport is that of lap times. Lap time is your time in between splits. The lap timer of the best luxury watches show how long it takes to get from one split to the next. The timepiece then starts over on the next lap. Analyzing you lap times can help you improve your training and pace yourself through a race. Lap timer is a perfect complication to have in a luxury watch, if you are a coach, or an athlete. If you do speed sessions based on effort over time rather than distance, the item of fine watches with a lap timer function helps. They differ in sophistication, and in fact, most aren`t so great. The classic version allows you to set a single time and specify whether you want the timer of high-end watches to beep and repeat the countdown at the end of the first cycle; beep and stop; beep and count upwards. Unless you plan to run a continuous session of equal-length efforts, you would have to do many button-pushing to make a lap timer useful because it`s so inflexible. A lap timer of high-end luxury watches that lets you set different-length segments into the same cycle is better. If you want a good session that even a basic lap timer of prestige watches can manage, you need a fixed distance to cover.

  • Limited Edition

    Limited edition is the original design of the luxury watches adapted to be reproduced in a limited number of copies. Often it means that the watchmaker has made a certain quantity of specific timepieces, which are unique in one way, or another. Such designer watches, usually, combine perfect craftsmanship with unexpected details. Limited edition can also mean that this fine watch is not going to be around very long. It can also be a better version of the main item that is disappearing fast. Sometimes to design a limited edition timepiece watchmakers team up with celebrities, whose signatures can be printed on the back plate of the watch. Such fashionable timepieces can be hard to come by. So, how to find out if your designer watch is actually limited in production? Most of the luxury watch brands have an issue engraved number at the back of the case or another place. For example, if your timepiece has number 50, it means you got watch 50 out of 100 made. These flawlessly crafted designs of perfection of the luxury watches will be treasured for a lifetime. Buy your limited edition watch and you will become a real collector of the rare and exclusive timepieces. It is also a great feeling having such an exceptional high-end watch strapped to your wrist.

  • Luminescence

    Luminescence is emission of light by a substance not resulting from heat; it is thus a form of cold body radiation. Luminous luxury watches have dials that glow in the dark, so you can see the time at night. They were invented in the early 20th century by Guido Panerai who experimented with luminous substances and created a blending of radium bromide and zinc sulphide. Initially, luminous timepieces carried serious radioactive threat to people. The radioactive threat of radium was unknown at first. Nowadays, such fine watches are safe. Today, technologies for luminous high-end watches use small gas lights that are self-powered. Modern luminous compounds fall into two categories: light charged and “safe” radioactive compounds. The first category charge up in sunlight. Through the use of Swiss technology, the second category uses a glass tube that contains a gas called tritium. A luminous substance coats the glass tube. These gas lights shine bright. They carry no risks of radiation. Even if the gas escapes, the amount quantity of radiation would be insignificant. Many modern luminous high-end luxury watches use a substance called Super-LumiNova with luminescence pigments. It engages strontium oxide aluminate chemistry that makes prestige watches safety luminous. The LumiNova imbibes daylight and if fully charged in 30 minutes. The charge can last all night. A lot of famous designer watches today use this safe substance.

  • Luxury Watch

    Luxury watch is a term used to characterize a watch that is awesome, unique and exclusive. It can be worn for many generations. Luxury watches have a very long history. They are one of the most essential status symbols for men and women all over the world. So what’s the difference between a watch and a luxury watch? First of all it’s the high-end movement, as the timepiece has to function at the highest level. The most common movements include jewel movement (should have at least 19 jewels), automatic/self-winding movement, quartz movement, highly intricate mechanical movement or chronograph movement. The other one feature of the luxury watch is its style. For example, it can be vintage style, diving watches, sports watches or limited edition watches. But the main thing about these fine watches is always best materials used in manufacturing, such as gold, titanium, platinum, leather and many others. Precious stones (diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, etc.) are also one of the inherent components of the designer watches. The most famous luxury watches brands are Jaeger LeCoultre, Patek Phillipe, Rolex, IWC, Zenith, Breitling, Audemars Piguet, TAG Heuer, Hublot, Cartier and some others. Every fine watch is very creative and innovative. It also has a high quality of hand-finishing. Besides, the high and luxury watch should be as accurate as possible. Having such a timepiece on your wrist means you're stepping out in style.


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