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Watch Glossary

  • Electroplated

    An electro deposit or galvanic coating has several functions for items of luxury watches. Its first function is to decorate a timepiece and the second is protection function. The watchmakers use this coating for details of mechanisms, cases and straps. The watchmakers get electroplated surface by the usage of current; they use this method to make the samples of fine watches more durable. There are a lot of materials, which can be used for this coating. Titanium nitride is the most credible coating, which can protect any metal against corrosion for a significant period of time. In addition, this coating can keep a specimen of high-end watches from scratches. Nickel, chrome and titanium carbide also are the materials, which can be used as a coating of luxury watch. Moreover, among the collections of elite Swiss watches you can found gold-plated, silver-plated and platinum-plated timepieces. The Vacheron Constantin Platinum Sapphire Diamond Watch has a platinum-plated case, the width of which is only 15 mm without the crown. It is a delicate and elegant accessory for woman’s wrist. A dial of this pattern is white and rather simple. There is only a pair of original hands and Arabic numerals as hour markers. Moreover, the case and a subtle strap of the given luxury watch article is vividly decorated with such precious stones as diamonds and sapphires.

  • Enamel

    Enamel is a type of vitreous coat, which is one of the greatest inventions in the jewelry art. There is a lot of different types of enamel, which are used in the define spheres. As for the creation of high-end watches and jewelry, the watchmakers and jewelry masters employ jewelry enamel, because it is easy to coat steel, gold, silver or cooper with this stuff. This material let make any piece of jewelry art or sample of fine watches more blazing and it makes the watch more reliable. Due to the enamel the timepiece can be painted in any color and adorned with gaudy original pattern. The modern pocket models of luxury watches are often decorated with vivid patterns of enamel. Such pattern makes the cover of pocket timepiece extremely original and fabulous. The producers of prestige watches also use enamel for wrist timepieces. You can find several exemplars of wrist watch with enamel among the collections of the Jacob & Co brand. This trademark has a collection of gorgeous pieces with blazing dials, for which enamel serves as a material of its patterns. The New Jacob & Co. Jc124 Five Time Zone Stainless Steel Diamond Enamel Quartz Watch is a great specimen of luxury watches with round case of stainless steel and blue rubber strap. Moreover, there is a diamond bezel, which surrounds a blue dial. The blue dial of this model is a real delightful masterpiece with an image of continents. This pattern is made with the help of enamel. Every continent on the dial of this luxury watch is a certain time zone.

  • Escapement

    An escapement of watch is a mechanism, which reforms the continuous running movement to the oscillating movement. This element supplies regular energy output. An escapement of any sample of fine watches moves a pendulum or balance wheel, which is an oscillating element of watch. The work of a timepiece is impossible without an escapement, it will collapse. This mechanism supports the oscillations of a pendulum or balance wheel. The invention of an escapement was the breaking point in the sphere of creation of Swiss watches. The given mechanism allowed making the mechanical watch of all the types. The credibility of an escapement depends on level of service and producer’s qualification. An escapement of luxury watch should precisely reflect the oscillations of a pendulum. Moreover, it is very significant to remark that watchmakers do not use pendulums for creating of wrist samples of prestige watches. So, the balance spring and balance wheel are the main parts of an escapement of wrist items of high-end watches. The first escapement of watch was invented in Europe in 1275, it was called verge escapement. Then, Robert Hooke invented anchor escapement in 1657. This type is employed for pendulum watch. Coaxial escapement is the best mechanism for creation of elite timepieces but it is very difficult to assemble it. Nowadays only the Omega luxury watches company employ this type of escapement.


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