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Watch Glossary

  • Balance Spring

    A balance spring is a part of the mechanism of any sample of luxury watches. This element is extremely important for the flawless and durable work of a timepiece. A balance spring or hairspring is a thing spiral spring with windings. An internal end of the spring is fixed on a balance wheel shaft and its external end is fixed in an impulse pin. This spring has a shape of the Archimedean spiral. The producers of high-end watches employ special nickel alloy for making of a balance spring. It is called invar and it appeared on the market in 40’s of 20th century. Nowadays, the invar spirals are an integral part of the mechanisms of any specimen of true fine watches. Previously, examples of the best luxury watches were equipped with Breguet balance spirals. This spiral is a dazzling invention of great watchmaker Abraham-Louis Breguet. An accuracy and quality of luxury watch heavily depends on a shape of a spring. The capabilities of a balance spring supply the constancy and equability of oscillations of a balance wheel. Sometimes this element is called “hairspring” but this name is not exact, because this spring is thinner than human hair. A balance spring is very small element but the watchmakers suppose that it has extremely significant value for items of high-end watches and they call it “the soul of a watch “.

  • Balance Wheel

    A balance wheel is an integral part of mechanical articles of prestige watches; this element is a part of the whole balance mechanism. A balance wheel determines the motion and regulates strikes and beats. This detail was created in 14th century and it allowed making the examples of luxury watches portable. If the frequency of oscillations of a balance wheel is high, the mechanism of luxury watch is credibly protected from external influence. A balance wheel was invented by the Dutch mechanic Huygens. Firstly, this scientist invented a pendulum, but then he developed new detail, which gave an opportunity to make the items of fine watches a removable thing. A Huygens’s balance wheel had a constant period of oscillations but as distinct from pendulum, the watch with the given element can work in any position. At the beginning, the manufacturers of high-end watches produced pocket watch with a balance wheel and then the timepieces started to adorn the wrists. Moreover, a balance wheel should be accomplished of the material, which does not easily change its shape. This material appeared in the market at the beginning of 40’s of the last century. The name of this stuff is invar; it is a nickel-based alloy. Invar is extremely reliable and it keeps its solidity under the influence of many different external aspects, such as the temperature. So, the watch art is a sphere, which is full of interesting inventions and discoveries. Moreover, the creation of samples of luxury watches is intimately connected with a glut of traditions and long history.

  • Bangle

    A bangle is a type of a strap, which has an extremely easy way of usage. The samples of luxury watches of this type have no clasp. Usually the design of a bangle strap is extremely original, modern and blazing. The producers of fine watches employ a variety of materials for the creation of bangles making it true masterpieces of jewelry art. The articles of prestige watches with bangle often look like a bracelet with a fixed dial. For the creation of the straps of this type, producers use precious metals, stainless steel, plastic, rubber and even wood materials. This model is popular among the producers of Swiss watches as well as among the manufacturers of Italy, France, America and other countries. The DKNY, Michael Kors, Movado, Bvlgari and Jacob & Co are the most famous brands, among the collections of which you can easily find a lot of alluring samples of high-end watches with a bangle. Moreover, there are a glut of patterns of luxury watches, the bangles of which are adorned with diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires and textile elements. The samples of diamond watches for women with bangle are usually extremely delightful and attractive. It can be a great and stylish adornment of your wardrobe. The examples of this watch are often found among the collections of sport timepieces. In general, this type of watch is the choice of people who prefer modern and individual style.

  • Barometer

    A barometer is one more new useful complication for the items of fine watches. This device can make even the simplest timepiece a true technical wonder. This complication is created especially for people who prefer extreme activities, travels and adventures. Barometer serves for indicating of atmosphere pressure. Evangelista Torricelli, the Italian scientist, invented it in 1644. An article of luxury watches with the given complication is an irreplaceable part of a wardrobe of a person, whose activity is connected with nature. You can make your own weather outlook with this dazzling addition. Moreover, this function let you look after your health, if your organism is sensitive to the weather changes. In addition, the example of high-end watches with barometer should be extremely credible and solid to keep the flawless work of the given device. The Da Vindice Tourbillon Barometer is one of the most exciting patterns of Swiss watches. It is the first model with Tourbillion, which includes barometer. This unusual magnificent article of luxury watches was released in 2010. Barometer is situated on the original and extremely modern dial of the given timepiece on the six o’clock position. There are several types of this model; you can find it with a case of rose or white gold. A black leather strap of this amazing piece of the best luxury watches will sophisticatedly emphasize any wrist.

  • Bracelet

    A bracelet or strap is an integral element of every timepiece, it is a detail, which adorns a wrist and fixes a case on it. Moreover, this detail usually completes a case of an example of luxury watches. Nowadays, there are a glut of different types of straps and bracelets. Everyone can find a comfortable bracelet of suitable material. The cases of rose or yellow gold perfectly harmonizes with a brown leather of black leather straps, white gold also combines with these metals. Moreover, there are a lot of delightful samples of fine watches with bracelets of colorful vivid leather. In addition, the creators of timepieces also employ gaudy silicone material. For example, the Marc Jacobs & Co brand has the collection of extremely modern gaudy exemplars of prestige watches with such straps. Stainless steel, golden and silver bracelets are also popular today. The watch with the bracelets of these stuffs is always elegant and fits to a people who want to highlight their status. Certainly, there are models of high-end watches, which have straps from ceramic. For example, the Chanel brand created the collection of black and white timepieces of ceramic material. All the articles from this set are very sophisticated and subtle, as the woman, the name of which the company bears. The Hublot luxury watches trademark was the first watch making company, which produced a strap of rubber and these straps, as well as the brand itself, are rather popular in the modern world of fashion and watch art. Moreover, the bracelets of luxury watch can be richer, when they are embellished with ornament or precious gems.

  • Bracelet/Band Color

    Luxury watch band can be represented in a large number of colors. First of all it depends on a bracelet material. Stainless steel bracelet is silver, gold or gold plated bracelet can be yellow, white or pink, leather band – black, brown or white, rubber strap can be of different colors and so on. Let’s look at the most popular colors of a designer watch band. Black is the color of fashion. It provides comfort and gives protection from external emotional stress. Fine watches with a black bracelet are suitable for any outfit and occasion. White color means purity, innocence, wholeness and completeness. Light and neutral, white goes well with anything. Brown is the color of security, protection and material wealth. Maybe, it’s the most favorite color of the public. Yellow is the main color of luxury watch manufacturers as it is a color of solid gold. It means mind and intellect. Designer watch gold bracelets can also be pink. It’s the color of unconditional love and nurturing. Grey or silver colored watch bracelets are classic and at the same time very stylish. It is the color of compromise that will suit to any moment of your life. Course, luxury watch bands can be in other colors, for example, blue, green, red, etc. Moreover, there can be one-tone bracelets with multi-colored stones or even two-tone bracelets. So you can select a high-end watch that will suit exactly to your lifestyle.

  • Bracelet/Band Material

    The luxury watch band, also known as the bracelet or strap, is a loop of material intended to be worn around the wrist in order to keep your timepiece firm to the hand. Designer watch bands can come in different materials, but the common thing for all of them is the high quality of each one. Let’s take a look at some kinds of materials. Stainless steel bracelets are durable, rust and stain resistant. They are perfect for every day and will be suitable for any clothes. Another one popular material is certainly gold. Luxury watch bands can be made of yellow gold, pink gold or white gold. Such bracelets always look elegant and fashionable. They add some luxuriousness to your watch and accordingly to your style. Moreover, watchmakers use gold plated bracelets in their fine watches. They look like solid gold but at the same time they are much lower in price. Rubber is also used as a material of a high-end watch band. These timepieces look very stylish and chic. You can also find luxury watches with straps made of different kinds of leather. For example, it can be a crocodile, alligator or lizard skin. Such straps add a cool, artistic flair to your watch. Platinum and titanium bracelets are also fairly often used in designer watches. They can be a great addition to your image. Course, there are many other band materials, but each of them has that special something, you just have to choose.

  • Bracelet/Strap

    A luxury watch bracelet or strap is a piece of material that is intended to be worn around the wearer’s wrist. Sometimes, it may look like a combination of joined or interlocking loops. There are some variants of a fine watch band. It can be just a strip of material, which often has a buckle. It can also be made of links with a clasp. Or it can be a rigid semi-circle bracelet. Course, some designer watches can fall into more than one category. For example, a watch can be set on a rigid circle but with flexible links at the back. The high-end watch bracelet can be made of different materials. The most popular are gold (yellow, pink or white), platinum, stainless steel, titanium, leather and rubber. Moreover, it can be a combination of different materials and colors. It depends on the luxury watch brand as each of them has its own unique design. The bracelet or strap size also depends on the material. A leather or rubber strap can be simply tightened or loosed. And the metal bracelet, made of links, is, usually, fit to a certain size. So if you want to make it smaller or larger, you should remove or add these links. You can choose your own exclusive watch bracelet or strap that will suit exactly to your wrist among the large variety of high and luxury watch bands.

  • Brand description

    Designer watches produced by luxury watch brands are unique, posh and fashionable. So what does a brand name mean? In most cases, it exclusively identifies the brand owner, in particular the watchmaker, as the commercial source of products. But not always. Some watch brands are just marketing creations, which are not associated with a specific company. Thus, we can say that brands are distinct from watchmakers. Besides, many fine watch manufacturers can own more than one brand. Among the most popular watch brands nowadays are Panerai, Rolex, Rotary, Tissot, Audemars Piguet, Cartier, Michael Kors, TAG Heuer, IWC, Zenith, Patek Philippe, Baume & Mercier and many others. On our website, you can find descriptions of the most famous luxury watch brands. The main information you can find there is the following: what each brand name means and how it relates to the products, what theme or idea is the most prominent in producing high-end watches, what principals the watchmakers stand by, what words they can say about their luxury watches and what their aim and their hopes are. You can also find there some notable features about the designer watches, which subsequently will help you to make the right chose. So, if you want to get a better understanding and appreciation of the watch brand, you should read its description carefully.

  • Brand New

    Fine watches can be sold new, previously owned, or store model. A brand new timepiece means it is an unused, unworn item that comes with the original packaging, such as the original box, or with the original tags attached. There are a lot of web-sites that can offer you brand new famous designer watches. For example you can buy brand new Rolex luxury watches or Chopard high-end watches. You have to remember that a brand new timepiece can be more expensive than for example, a pre-owned one. So if you want to have a brand new watch, you will have to give a descent sum of money. Here are some examples of brand new best luxury watches: Women`s Camille Chronograph Watch from Michael Cors, encrusted with diamonds, Men`s El Primero Automatic Chrono Titanium Watch from Zenith, a sophisticated and precise Men`s Pro One Silver-Tone Textured Dial from Chopard, a stunning Men`s Chrono Cockpit Watch. There is a wide range of brand new high-end watches for men and women that you can purchase online. If the watch is a brand new, there is a guarantee that it will be in a perfect condition. It won`t have any scratches on the dial and it will work accurately. What is more important, you will feel unique, wearing this watch because it didn`t have a previous owner.


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