Watch Glossary

  • 24 Hour AM/PM Indicator

    It is generally accepted that 24 hours of the day is divided into two periods and named as am/pm, meaning “ante/post meridiem” in Latin or before/after midday in English. The designer watches with the AM/PM Indicator clarify for the owner whether it is a day or a night now. This luxury watch feature can be implemented in fine watches that show several time zones. For example, it is convenient to know if the second time zone is in AM or PM state now. The high end watches with GMT and Dual Time Display usually have the AM/PM option. Technically, it can be designed with AM/PM inscription that is written on the watch’s plate, and a special hand indicates the day status by going back and forth between these two AM/PM marks. In some high end watch models, the AM/PM inscription only can appear on the watch's plate, showing the owner the one of these two AM or PM options. Some luxury watches can be artistically created in a more advanced manner and can be decorated with a sun and a moon on its designer watch plate. These two cosmic objects clearly reflect the AM/PM state of the day. The special watch hand traces between a sun and a moon, showing whether it is a day or a night and makes the picture more visible and original.


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