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Watch Glossary

  • Face Color - Dial

    A dial of the luxury watch is very important part; it is like a face of a timepiece. A dial can combine the comfort and beauty. It can be attractive and functional in the same time. The classical dial includes Arabic numerals and hands, which denote hours, minutes and seconds. Nowadays the designers create a variety of alluring dials in classic style, which are original and have their own peculiarities. For example, the Cartier luxury watches use stylized Arabic or Roman numerals and blue hands to make their timepieces unique and recognizable. Moreover, there are samples of fine watches, the dials of which have no hands. This watch is a choice of people who prefer to emphasize their individual manner. In addition, the producers of high-end watches created the timepieces with digital dial. This dial also has no hands and liquid-crystalline dial depict the hours. There are also the dials of mixed type, this patterns have digital dial, which also includes hands. One of the most magnificent inventions of watchmakers is a skeletonized dial. Due to this type of a dial, you can observe the work of a mechanism of your luxury watch. In addition, among the items of prestige watches we can find timepieces with a 24-hour dial. It is very useful and unusual function. Today you can also find even the specimen of the best luxury watches with several dials! It is fantastic!

  • Fashion Watch

    Nowadays fine watches are much more than a way to measure time. A luxury watch expresses the identity of its owner. It shows his or her status, taste and preferences. Some high end watches can be worn with almost everything, while others are designed to complement the elegant dresses and suits. Modern watches take a new step in design, providing the style-conscious owners with the incredible complications and dazzling profiles. Fashion watches usually tune with the latest trends, as manufacturers keep with the fast changing tendencies. Many fashion watches have their own distinctive design and signature style. Nowadays fashion designers make not only clothes, but accessories, fragrances, shoes, and, of course, fine watches. Fashion brands do not manufacture fine watches, but simply collaborate with watchmakers. In other words, they put their logo on the ready timepiece and sell it under their name. However, it doesn't mean that fashion watches are not valuable or low-grade. Juicy Couture, for example, sells fun timepieces with the cutting-edge look and high quality. Marc by Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors present a wide range of fashion watches for men and women. The respected and expensive brands like Ralph Lauren, Hermes, Dolce & Gabbana, Dior, Hugo Boss, Burberry, Gucci and many others create inimitably elegant and fashionable high end watches that can compete with the timepieces by the best Swiss Maisons.

  • Featured Item

    Many luxury watch making producers create their designer watches following their watch traditions. It is reasonable to note that there is a one common line in design or some specific characteristic of each watch brand. Moreover, some luxury watch connoisseurs can recognize a watch brand just having a look to a watch model. It is possible because the watchmakers follow their unique designer watch tradition. Most of the luxury watch models of a certain watch brand have something common. In the world of high end watches, there are the exemptions, and some watch brands can create featured watch model to underline the innovation or new inspiration of the watch creators. For example, the Longiness watch producer suddenly issued the luxury watch model with a 24-scale dial. The Longines Twenty-Four Hours Single Push-Piece Chronograph has become the featured item of Longines high end watch brand in 2014. A new Seculus watch model of a Don Carlos high end watch collection was represented with GMT feature. The Swiss traditional quality and sportive style were combined with a second watch dial on a watch plate. It was a new luxury watch for those designer watch connoisseurs who love traveling around the world and need to know the time from another time zone. This fine watch from Don Carlos watch collection was the featured item of the Seculus watch brand. Sometimes luxury watch brands create something extraordinary to splash its watch traditions with fresh and bright designer watch models. Such a new watch often becomes the innovative and featured item of the watch brand.

  • Features

    Every luxury watch has its own feature. Like artist paints his unique picture, the watchmaker creates his designer watch masterpiece with unique feature. Some watchmakers accent the design of their watches. The distinctive feature of Alain Silberstein watch, for example, is its vivid painted watch dial. The unique feature of, for example, Romain Jerome luxury watches is the using of original material like moon dust that covers the designer watch plate or an astronaut's textile used in luxury watch strap of the designer watches. The usage of unique materials connected to extraordinary famous events is the feature of this Romain Jerome's luxury watch model. Many of watchmakers create their designer watches with watch movements of a very high precision and quality. These are also the unique features of the high end watches. The luxury watches of a famous Ernst Berz watch producer are known as fine watches of the highest precision. This feature of Ernst Berz watches is connected to a bright history of creating the high end watches. These high-quality watch pieces of a highest precision were used in as standard equipment in many aircraft engines, jets and sailplanes in Europe and then in the whole world. The luxury watch aficionados highly evaluated these features of the Ernst Berz watches. Any distinctive point that makes a designer watch unique is the feature of a high end watch for men or a fine watch for women. A specific feature of a luxury watch makes the owner proud of wearing his watch piece, and the unique feature of the designer watch usually makes the price higher.

  • Fine Watch

    It is not a secret that a fine watch is the culmination of the watchmaker’s art. This prestigious timepiece can last for generations and be passed down to family members. In addition, it can be a part of an elite collection or just a highly valued investment. So, what are they, fine watches? The main features, which can help you to identify these timepieces among other watches, are the quality of the metal used in the production and the authenticity of the stones set into these pieces. Luxury watch manufacturers, usually, use gold, sterling silver and platinum to create their exclusive timepieces. Gold can be in different colors (yellow, white, pink or green), but it necessarily must be at least 10 karats or higher (for example, 14, 18 or even 24 karat). Fine watches are often decorated with natural gemstones, such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds or pearls. Such jewelry makes them even more exquisite and magnificent. Nowadays you can find a large number of the fine watch manufacturers who produce watches for every desired style and complications. But they don’t create for the masses. Famous luxury watch brands make exclusive limited production or unique special editions of these timepieces. So, a fine watch today truly represents a wearable art. This piece of jewelry embodies a refined elegance. It will delight you and your children for years.

  • Flyback Chronograph

    A flyback chronograph is a specific type of the high-end watch with the flyback function built in. It means that you can stop your chronograph, return the elapsed seconds hand to zero and then restart it instantly with just a single push of a button. On designer watches with traditional chronograph option the buttons must be pressed three times: to stop the timing, to return the hand to zero and to restart it. Flyback chronographs let you do all this with only one click. On the other hand, if you don't have to use this function, you can continue doing the ordinary three separate presses to stop, reset and start. Most flyback chronographs from luxury watch brands are created with the typical crown at the 3 o'clock position and 2 buttons at the 2 and 4 o'clock positions. In most of the fine watches the flyback option is controlled by a knob at the 4 o'clock position whereas the knob at the 2 o'clock position is, usually, used to stop the chronograph. For a long time, this delicate function of the luxury watch was used only in timepieces for men, but not so long ago it was also incorporated into the ladies watches. Moreover, such flyback chronograph watches are mainly water and pressure resistant that’s why they are a good companion in diving, navigation and flying.

  • Full-Plate Movement

    A movement, or a caliber, is the complete inner mechanism of the luxury watch. Wheels, gears and other working details of such a mechanism are placed between the two plates. A small distance between these plates is held with the help of the pillars, which are strong enough to create a rigid foundation for the movement. When the front and the back metal plates are both circular, the movement of the fine watch is called full-plate. In other words, the back plate covers the whole of the high-end watch movement. This means that if you open the back plate of the watch you won't see any of the inner workings details of the designer watch mechanism. Although, the balance wheel is an exception. It is mounted on the outside of the back plate and held by a bracket that is, usually, called the balance cock. Thus, the balance wheel is above the rest of the mechanism, and it is still visible. Sometimes you can also see the winding wheels, which turn when you wind the watch. Such a movement type prevents dust from getting inside the mechanism. This design of the vintage fine watches was used in the 18-size pocket watches until the 18th century. Such an item with the rare full-plate movement can become a real gem of a luxury watch collection.

  • Gear Train

    The gear train, which is also known as the wheel train, is a system of gears, which transmits the force of the power source from the mainspring of the high-end watch to the escapement mechanism to drive the balance wheel. These gears are designed with so-called teeth in order to provide a smooth transmission of rotation from one gear to the next. The large gears of the luxury watch mechanism are, usually, called wheels, and small gears are known as pinions. These wheels and pinions in their turn are mounted on the shafts that are called arbors. In fine watches such arbors have jewel bearings (for example, synthetic sapphires or rubies). The gear train also commands the display mechanism. It calculates the time according to the gear ratio between each wheel. A separate set of such wheels, called the motion work, maintain the speed of rotation by moving the hour wheel, the minute wheel and the seconds wheel, which control the hands of the luxury watch. As faster movement means more wear, each component of the motion work is moving more slowly, beginning from the balance wheel and moving back in the wheel train. As you have already understood, gear trains form the functional backbone of all mechanical fine watches. They are an integral and very important part of every high-end watch mechanism.

  • Gender

    Historically, the first wrist watch was a lady's watch. Nowadays, the designer watches for men are created, and the fine watches for women are created as well. Moreover, some watch producers create the unisex watch models, so it is possible to find watches without a gender division. So, ladies and men today are happy to have a great choice of luxury watches for women and high end watches for men. The high end watches for men and the fine watches for women are presented in a wide price range, designs, precious stones coverage or precious metals including. Luxury ladies watches of such watch brands like Omega, Tag Heuer, Raymond Weil and some others are presented for women today. Designer watches for men are presented by a great variety of the watch companies around the world. The luxury watch industry is developing today, and not only wristwatches are produced for ladies. As we already know, the first watch was a pocket watch, and this luxury watch was created for men. The first wrist watch was created for ladies. Today the ladies luxury watch connoisseurs can enjoy a unique high end watch performed as a beautiful pocket watch. For example, the Swiss watch from M.S. Rau Antiques is the luxury pocket watch for ladies. The lady's watches often differ the men's watches with its design as a basic point the women pay their attention at. The watch case of ladies watches is more slim and fine when the watches for men can be heavier and created with a bigger watch case. The men buy watches checking more the functional characteristics of the high end watch like accuracy that as very important feature. The divers pay much attention to a water resistant feature and to the quality of screws and gaskets. The watch strap design and strap buckles can be a point of difference on a gender basis. Such strap buckle like "butterfly" buckle is more preferred by men when ordinary "tang" buckle is always good for ladies. Maybe it is because the "butterfly" is more convenient with its practical feature, when the watch always remains on hand even being unfastened. The "tang" buckle is more fine mechanism, and practical convenience is not the feature number one of the buckle device. Anyway, gender distinction is not always 100% working, though the main gender characteristics remain.

  • GMT (Complication or Function)

    GMT or Greenwich Mean Time means the “0” point on the 24-hour scale of international time zones. It has been accepted as the basis for standard time in most countries of the world. Sometimes it is also called UTC, especially in some German timepieces. Most GMT luxury watches show the time at least in two time zones, for example, the home time of the wearer and the local time. So, the GMT function is probably the most useful complication of the high-end watch, especially for travelers and businessmen. Let’s take a closer look to the GMT fine watch complication. As well as the conventional watch it has a second hand, a minute hand, an independent 12-hour hand that shows local time and a setting crown. In addition to this the GMT complication includes an extra 24-hour hand that displays home time (it is, usually, arrow-shaped and red), a date window and a bidirectional rotating bezel. The last one does not always present on the luxury watch, but if it does, it can show 24-hour subdivisions, major cities names or 360 degrees. This rotating bezel with 24-hour markers can indicate a third time zone. Moreover, you can even use the GMT designer watch display as a rough solar compass. The most popular luxury watch brands, which produce timepieces with GMT complication, are Rolex, Omega, Hublot, Perrelet, Ulysse Nardin and some others.


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