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Watch Glossary

  • Deployment

    The Deployment or Deployant Buckle is the metal buckle of the designer watch strap that is designed to attach the both sides of the strap. There are many styles and methods that help the owner to be ensured that the luxury watch on the wrist is not released suddenly. The Deployment Buckle or Deployment Buckle with Push-Button are the examples of this method of attaching the both sides of the high end watch strap. The Deployment Buckle is one of the wide-spread clasps among the connoisseurs of the fine watches because of its convenience. The opening of the clasp is made just by pulling the ends of the bracelet away from the wrist. The same deployment Buckle with Push-Button works in a same method with a small difference: the locking mechanism of a two locking buttons is installed inside of the buckle. This feature does not make the designer watch be released without pushing the buttons, so it is designed for the convenience of the watch owner. These kinds of clasps are created for watches with leathered or non-metal straps. The Deployment mechanism is developed for extending the designer watch straps and, from another side, it helps to keep the fine watch holding safely on a wrist even when the watch strap is unlocked. It is also advantageous point of the luxury watches that come with deployment mechanism.

  • Design

    The concept of “design” has a long history of more than a half a thousand years. The first meaning of “design” comes from mystical process when God inspires the artist to create his unique masterpiece. For today, the idea of design in the world of luxury watches, obviously, has the same denotation. The watchmaker is the artist of his watch creation, and the design of his fine watch pieces appears in his mind thanks to his inspiration. Concerning the watch’s structure, every part of the luxury watch is a designer master piece. Beginning from watch case, bezel and crown to, of course, the markers of the watch’s dial: all are the result of designer idea. The strap, clasp and buckle are also the designer items. There is a designer watch, for example, created by Parmigiani that is figured as a sportive Buggatti race car. You can also find the Parmigiani designer watch with case created in a shape of a sports bike fuel tank. These luxury watches are for those watch connoisseurs who are in love with speed race and luxury cars. For those, who prefer happy colors with vivid paintings, the designer watches of Alain Silberstain are just the watch pieces to consider. The design of these high end watches astonish with its rolling and moving pictured parts of the watch face. This designer watch’s plate can have a red fish, swimming in the blue ocean or a white Cupid, flying in the sky with his bow and arrows. An opportunity to realize the artist’s imagination or inspiration is almost unlimited, so the design of the luxury watches for men and women is quite variable.

  • Detachable

    The detachable clasp is the part of the luxury watch strap. The main function of the detachable clasp is to connect the both ends of the strap and to fix the fine watch on the wrist. There are many ways and technical configurations to secure the watch’s position on the owner’s wrist. The detachable clasp manifests the one of these configurations. To make the point clearer, it is good to compare the working principles of deployment clasp and detachable clasp. The first one’s engineering design is performed to keep the high end watch on the wrist even when the designer watch is fully unfastened. So the deployment clasp never makes the strap to be fully detached, and the fine watch always remains on hand. The detachable clasp connects the two separate ends of the luxury watch strap, and when the strap is unlocked, the watches are free to be removed from the owner’s wrist. The luxury watches with detachable clasp strap cannot remain its position on the wrist and should be released out of hand. The main difference between these two methods of connecting the strap of the fine watch is that the detachable clasp is assembled on a one side of the strap only, and watch strap comes as a two separate units. The deployment clasp comes as one conjoined unit with the strap buckle as one item.

  • Dial Color

    Dial is a luxury watch face that displaces the time with the help of the moving hands and special marks. The watch dial, as well as the band, can be in different colors. The most popular is probably black. On our website, you can find more than 500 fine watches with a black dial. It is an easy-going everyday watch that will look gorgeous with any suit. White and beige dials are also very trendy. Such designer watches are fresh and shiny. They are a good choice for any occasion. Blue watches are another one growing style tendency. Blue dial looks wonderful with a blue strap. Such combination has become increasingly popular in the last few years, especially among Switzerland and the U.S.A. luxury watch brands. Besides, dials can be silver-tone and gold-tone. These colors are a good decision for silver, platinum or gold timepieces. Grey and brown dials are, usually, parts of the stylish and fashion high-end watches. They have a beautiful combination with leather straps. Sports watches can have dials in bright colors, for example, red, orange, yellow or green. Such a timepiece can be a good company to a classic one. Ladies watches can also have dials colored in pink, purple, salmon, or they can even be multi-colored. So many colors, so many dials! Now then, how to choose what luxury watch to buy? It’s all up to you!

  • Dial Style

    Appearance of the designer watch is very important. Luxury watch manufacturers know that the dial draws the buyer in that’s why they offer their exclusive models with different dial styles ranging from the very simple to the very ornate. The most popular ways the dial can be marked are Arabic numerals, Roman numerals and plain batons or sticks indicators. Sometimes they can be combined in order to make a stylish compromise between tradition and modernity. For example, Arabic and stick style, or Roman and stick style, or even California style. The last one is the mix of Roman and Arabic numerals with batons indexes painted on the high-end watch dial. Some exclusive timepieces can even contain different jewels instead of traditional watch indicators. Especially it is common among ladies watches models. Undoubtedly, some luxury watch dials are beautiful works of art. They can be decorated with diamonds or other gems, enamel, subtle coloration, gold-inlay or different pictures and logos. They can even contain another dials or sub-dials. These small dials are set within the main one. They are used to display the date, day of the week, chronograph readout, seconds or other additional information. Besides, the designer watch dial can be a skeleton style. Thanks to the transparent material it allows you to see the inner moving parts of the timepiece. So, as you can see, there are many watch dial styles nowadays. Which one to choose is purely your personal preference.

  • Digital Watch

    Digital samples of fine watches are rather popular today. The timepieces of the given type have a numeric display, which displays the time. Digital models of luxury watch has modern and attractive look. Moreover, this watch has a glut of useful interesting functions. Many digital timepieces have color displays and accent highlighting as of today. You can find the digital items of high-end watches among the collections of such brands as the HD3 and Romaine Jerome. Moreover, the Krieger and Breitling brands produce the patterns of prestige watches with both types of dial; the watch of this type includes an analog and digital display. This watch is a real trove for people, who prefer the combination of classic and innovations. Moreover, these timepieces can provide more credibility. The Hd3 Slyde Digital Touch Screen Electrical Movement Prestige Watches is a great sample of the best luxury watches with a large case of titanium, stainless steel and PVD. A stylish black leather massive strap will be fantastic addition to a wardrobe of any man. A wide digital display of this delightful watch is equipped with accent lighting. In addition, the given specimen of high-end luxury watches has a reliable modern touch-screen interface. Nowadays, the models of digital watch are the real reflection of our century, which is full of inventions and unbelievable innovative technologies.

  • Dress Watch

    Dress watch is accessory for special events. It should have some define lines. In contrast with the models of luxury watches of casual and sport style, which always has a glut of different additional functions, the sample of dress prestige watches should be simpler. A model of dress watch is always rather laconic and humble. It is like an example of simple luxury. In many cases, these timepieces are an accessory, which people hand out from generation to generation. So, this watch should be an item of exceptional quality. As for the movement, the patterns of automatic watches are more preferable. This watch does not use any battery and it is rather easy to use it, in general. Stainless steel, titanium, ceramic and some kinds of precious metals often serve as materials for the producing of the given types of high-end watches. Moreover, it the most cases, dress watch has steel or leather straps. The Omega 18k Yellow Gold Vintage Mechanical Manual Winding Dress Watch is a magnificent timepiece with a round case of yellow gold. The case perfectly conjuncts with a gaudy strap of brown leather with a pattern. A wide silver-tone dial of this luxury watch is very laconic; there are only thin lines of gold color, which serve as hour markers and hands of the same color. Hand-winding movement powers the mechanism of the given article of fine watches.

  • Electroplated

    An electro deposit or galvanic coating has several functions for items of luxury watches. Its first function is to decorate a timepiece and the second is protection function. The watchmakers use this coating for details of mechanisms, cases and straps. The watchmakers get electroplated surface by the usage of current; they use this method to make the samples of fine watches more durable. There are a lot of materials, which can be used for this coating. Titanium nitride is the most credible coating, which can protect any metal against corrosion for a significant period of time. In addition, this coating can keep a specimen of high-end watches from scratches. Nickel, chrome and titanium carbide also are the materials, which can be used as a coating of luxury watch. Moreover, among the collections of elite Swiss watches you can found gold-plated, silver-plated and platinum-plated timepieces. The Vacheron Constantin Platinum Sapphire Diamond Watch has a platinum-plated case, the width of which is only 15 mm without the crown. It is a delicate and elegant accessory for woman’s wrist. A dial of this pattern is white and rather simple. There is only a pair of original hands and Arabic numerals as hour markers. Moreover, the case and a subtle strap of the given luxury watch article is vividly decorated with such precious stones as diamonds and sapphires.

  • Enamel

    Enamel is a type of vitreous coat, which is one of the greatest inventions in the jewelry art. There is a lot of different types of enamel, which are used in the define spheres. As for the creation of high-end watches and jewelry, the watchmakers and jewelry masters employ jewelry enamel, because it is easy to coat steel, gold, silver or cooper with this stuff. This material let make any piece of jewelry art or sample of fine watches more blazing and it makes the watch more reliable. Due to the enamel the timepiece can be painted in any color and adorned with gaudy original pattern. The modern pocket models of luxury watches are often decorated with vivid patterns of enamel. Such pattern makes the cover of pocket timepiece extremely original and fabulous. The producers of prestige watches also use enamel for wrist timepieces. You can find several exemplars of wrist watch with enamel among the collections of the Jacob & Co brand. This trademark has a collection of gorgeous pieces with blazing dials, for which enamel serves as a material of its patterns. The New Jacob & Co. Jc124 Five Time Zone Stainless Steel Diamond Enamel Quartz Watch is a great specimen of luxury watches with round case of stainless steel and blue rubber strap. Moreover, there is a diamond bezel, which surrounds a blue dial. The blue dial of this model is a real delightful masterpiece with an image of continents. This pattern is made with the help of enamel. Every continent on the dial of this luxury watch is a certain time zone.

  • Escapement

    An escapement of watch is a mechanism, which reforms the continuous running movement to the oscillating movement. This element supplies regular energy output. An escapement of any sample of fine watches moves a pendulum or balance wheel, which is an oscillating element of watch. The work of a timepiece is impossible without an escapement, it will collapse. This mechanism supports the oscillations of a pendulum or balance wheel. The invention of an escapement was the breaking point in the sphere of creation of Swiss watches. The given mechanism allowed making the mechanical watch of all the types. The credibility of an escapement depends on level of service and producer’s qualification. An escapement of luxury watch should precisely reflect the oscillations of a pendulum. Moreover, it is very significant to remark that watchmakers do not use pendulums for creating of wrist samples of prestige watches. So, the balance spring and balance wheel are the main parts of an escapement of wrist items of high-end watches. The first escapement of watch was invented in Europe in 1275, it was called verge escapement. Then, Robert Hooke invented anchor escapement in 1657. This type is employed for pendulum watch. Coaxial escapement is the best mechanism for creation of elite timepieces but it is very difficult to assemble it. Nowadays only the Omega luxury watches company employ this type of escapement.


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