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Watch Glossary

  • Chronometer

    The term “chronometer” has a lot of meanings in different spheres of life and fields of science, for example: astronomy, geodetic measurements and seamanship. As for the watchmaking, there is one exact definition, which refers to the firs-rate prestige watches. This multifaceted term has the Greek origin; it consists of two different words, which means “to measure” and “time”. Harrison invented the first chronometer in 1734 and his brilliant invention was intended for vessels. This device served for the reckoning of the longitude. Today, the structure of the chronometer has significantly changed. Moreover, this term started to be used in the sphere of luxury watches creating. Nowadays, the chronometer is a sample of fine watches with extremely precise mechanism. It is not just a word; it is a special high status. The majority of articles of Swiss watches are chronometers. The variety of tests and trials confirm this status and as a result a producer of the given timepiece get a certificate, which justifies that this item of luxury watches is a true accurate and credible chronometer. The Swiss Controle Officiel Suissedes Chronometres tests the patterns of high-end watches and certifies them. Rolex, Omega and Breitling companies are the most famous producers of chronometers. So, if you search for credible and precise timepiece, the chronometer is an item for you.

  • Clasp

    Choosing an item of luxury watches it is necessary to pay an attention to the clasp. This detail is an integral part of every strap. Moreover, there are several types of clasps. A buckle or tang clasp is the most common type of clasp, which can be used for silicone, metal, nylon, stainless steel or leather straps. It is usually attached to the short side of a strap and may be oval, rectangular and round shape. This clasp is very durable and reliable. In some cases, a clasp can be an additional embellishment of a sample of fine watches. The second type is a butterfly clasp. It has this name, because it folds as a butterfly’s wings. This clasp is no less credible than the previous type. Sometimes it includes several attachments for additional reliability of luxury watch. The third type is a deployment clasp. It can be used for fabric, leather, nylon, steel and metal straps of high-end watches. The given type of a clasp is very comfortable and easy to use. Moreover, it is not difficult to change the size of a strap with this type of a clasp. Any item of prestige watches serves longer with the detail of this type, because a strap does not ravel so fast as usual. In addition, there are models of high-end luxury watches without any clasp, which are accomplished as a bracelet.

  • Co-Axial

    The co-axial escapement is considered to be one of the most significant horological advancements of the modern watchmaking industry. This unique technology requires no lubrication and successfully alleviates the stress and the wear down of the escapement. Invented by the talented English watchmaker George Daniels, co-axial technology has become a landmark in the luxury watch industry, achieving cult status. Co-axial escapement improves shock resistance and ensures longer service intervals of the fine watches. Moreover, it boasts staggering chronometric performance, which will be maintained over a long period of time. Omega is one of the few fine watches brands that manufactures elegant timepieces with the co-axial escapements. They are famous for the excellent warranty and long-term reliability. The first Omega luxury watches equipped with these mechanics were launched in 1999 and soon turned the watch world upside down. Nowadays, more than half a million high end watches are manufactured by Omega's craftsmen every year. The wide range of the co-axial calibers is constantly expanding, proving Omega's desire to innovate and please the customers with the most demanding tastes. One of the most famous Omega Swiss watches - De Ville Hour Vision model, officially debuted in 2007 and featured the co-axial caliber 8500/8501. The most recent Omega high end luxury watches with this technology are complication chronographs with uncompromising quality and admirable looks.

  • Complications

    Every specimen of luxury watches usually has a set of complications. The complications are additional functions of watch and its different singularities. They affect a price and status of a timepiece. Automatic movement is the first complication of a watch. This mechanism was invented in 18 century. Every movement of a wrist makes a runner rotate and due to this rotation, the mechanism winds up. The samples of automatic watches are extremely credible and simple for a usage. A chronograph is one more popular and interesting addition of samples of high-end watches. It is a device, which defines the time lags. There are several types of chronographs, which denote the hours, minutes or seconds. Usually, it moves due to the pushing of a crown or several additional buttons. Moreover, todays, there are a lot of delightful examples of fine watches with calendar. A watch can have a triple, perpetual or annual calendar. The simplest function of this type is a date window. A Tachymeter complication is no less popular among the collections of prestige watches. This device serves for a measuring of a speed and it usually situated on a bezel of timepiece. Extremely famous watchmaker Abraham Breguet invented the Tourbillon in 1800. This brilliant invention is one of the greatest additions of modern exemplars of luxury watches. The given mechanism was created to compensate for the effect of gravity and thus improve the accuracy of the timepiece to the maximum at any position. In addition, the Moon Phase complication and Power reserve Indicator, which displays the degree of a plant for mechanical watch are no less useful functions.

  • Condition

    Watch condition is the quality of the designer watches that are in the sale on our website. It includes both the whole functionality and the overall appearance of a high-end watch. There are many different grading systems that use letter abbreviations and numbers. We, in turn, use words to describe the actual condition of each luxury watch. So, the main kinds of the timepiece condition are pre-owned, unworn or new and brand new. Let’s have a look at them in more detail. Pre-owned means that the watch has already been used. There are some forms of this condition. Pre-owned and not working means that the watch doesn’t work naturally. Pre-owned satisfactory condition indicates that the timepiece has scratches, marks or other signs of use. Pre-owned good condition means that nothing fundamentally wrong with the watch, but it still can have light scratches. Pre-owned great or very good condition says that the high-end watch was used very carefully, and the signs of use are almost not visible. Unworn or new luxury watch means that the timepiece could be a part of someone’s collection, but it has never been worn and has an excellent condition. Brand new timepiece is a fine watch that was never used. It, usually, comes with box and papers. The only thing about it that this watch may not be stamped by the manufacturer.

  • Counter

    Counter is a device for a measurement of an interval of time. The models of high-end watches with a counter are created for people whose professions demand great accuracy. It is a device which includes a stop watch, which keeps time and then honks. The samples of fine watches with this function are an integral part of those professions as divers and athletes. Certainly, this watch can be an element of a wardrobe of any person, who needs precision. The most famous luxury watch companies, which produce the timepieces with counter, are the Panerai, Breitling, Omega and Glashutte. These patterns of the best luxury watches have extremely great accuracy and credibility. For example, the Panerai luxury watches trademark created the watch for Italian military divers during the Second World War, when every second had unbelievable value. The Glashutte Original 100-13-02-02-04 is a delightful specimen of prestige watches with a counter. The given timepiece has a solid case of polished stainless steel and a black leather strap, which uses a deployment clasp. A black dial of this watch includes a date window on the three o’clock position and a calendar on the position of nine o’clock. The most attractive feature of this piece of watch art is a counter. It can be controlled due to a button and crown of the case.

  • Crown

    The crown is the metal tab on the right side of a watch face. This small button is used to set the time and date on an analogue luxury watch. The crown winds timepieces with a hand- winding movement and it stops the watch when pulled away from the face which helps the battery last longer. Modern timepieces that offer a lot of functions can have more than one crown. In older fine watches and pocket watches which are not powered by batteries it is also used to wind the spring of the timepiece to give it power. The crown has several parts, such as the crown stem, tube and wheel. The crown stem is a long, thin piece of the crown that is attached to the watch movement; the tube is the circular structure that leads from the outside of prestige watches into the movement; the wheel is what the crown stem is attached to inside of the watch mechanism. The crown of high-end watches is round and ridged to provide grip on the finger. The crown of high-end luxury watches can match the color of the dial, or it can be a different color to match the fashion of the piece. The size and functions of each crown depends on the style of the timepiece. For example, crowns in chronograph watches can be used to run the stopwatch, set the moon phase and do other operations.

  • Crystal

    The crystal of a luxury watch is the protective covering fitted over the face. The bezel helps to keep the crystal in place. Since the dial is constantly exposed to all sorts of shocks and blows, the crystal should be very hard. Soft materials are unsuitable as they will make the timepiece less attractive and durable. A crystal can be made of any transparent material, as long as it's hard and clear. The best luxury watch brands use mineral crystals, synthetic sapphires and usual sapphires. There is also acrylic crystal, but it's very weak against scratches and is rarely used by the respected manufacturers. The only positive feature of this material is that it can be polished to remove scratches. Mineral crystal is made of the ordinary glass that has undergone the chemical or temperature treatment. Although mineral crystal is scratch and shatter resistant, it is not very durable. Synthetic sapphire is a transparent, laboratory grown material which is similar to the natural sapphire. As it is one of the best and expensive materials, the most famous Swiss watchmakers use it in their fine watches. Sapphire crystal is the most widespread material applied in the production of the high end watches. It is valued highly due to its ability to withstand cracking, scratching and breakage. Luxury watch brands such as Tag Heuer, Patek Philippe, Ulisse Nardin and many others create fine watches with sapphire crystals.

  • Cubic Zirconia (CZ)

    Nowadays, a lot of samples of fine watches are not only great precise timepieces but also extremely marvelous masterpieces of jewelry art. There are diamond watches for women and manly models with precious stones, which perfectly emphasize an individual special status of its owner. The producers of true examples of high-end luxury watches do not usually use the cultural crystals in the manufacture of their produce. Cubic Zirconia is a dioxide zirconium, imitation of a natural stone. This crystal is rather solid but it is cheap, for this reason, this stone has no jewelry value. Moreover, it does not concern to a creation of true samples of the best luxury watches. When you select an item of prestige watches, the details of which are incrusted with stones, it is necessary to pay an attention to the origin of these stones. Synthetic materials are usually cheaper than natural. In addition, it is easy to mix up Cubic Zirconia with a zircon, which is a true precious stone of natural origin. This stone can have vivid colors and sophisticated cast. Zircon has a real jewelry value and Cubic Zirconia does not have it. Moreover, the creators of Swiss watches do not usually use both this materials. In the majority of cases, the producers of high-end luxury watches adorn their magnificent rich patterns with diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and rubies.

  • Cuff

    A cuff means the type of strap in the sphere of design of luxury watches. Every model with a cuff is a massive stylish accessory. The producers employ different materials for a creation of fine watches with these straps. Nowadays the models with a wide leather cuff are very popular, especially among the rock-stars. Moreover, there are samples of Swiss watches with cuffs. The Bvlgari and Piaget brands make the cuffs of precious metals as gold and silver, which are embellished with stones. There are several delicate and original samples of watch with cuffs among the collections of Piaget luxury watches. The Piaget Limelight Jazz Party Watch has an oval case of white gold with 92 diamonds of round cutting. A cuff strap of this sample of diamond watches for women is also decorated with precious stones and it can easily embellish any wrist with its gaudy unusual beauty. Moreover, this collection includes the models with the same type of a strap, but they are made of yellow gold and their cases are rectangular or square. Moreover, such models occur among the set of Fossil luxury watches and they usually has leather straps. A watch with a cuff can become a wonderful blazing addition to a wardrobe of fashion-conscious women and men, who prefer to be modern and vivid and like to emphasize their sophisticated manner.


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