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Watch Glossary

  • Pre-Owned and Not Working

    There are different pros and cons about to buy or not to buy pre-owned luxury watches. Many people doubt a lot about pre-owned watches. The first positive side of the pre-owned luxury watches is their price – they cost less than a new one but are the same high-quality and often look like new. More than that top-sites like 300watches high-end luxury watches guaranteed authenticity of a used timepiece. Most often pre-owned luxury watches are in original condition. These watches have been tenderly worn by previous owners who knew and valued the pleasure of owning a fine watch. More than that, when buying pre-owned watches you may open up an opportunity to afford exotic pieces than you would have otherwise expected. By the looking for pre-owned high-end watches, you may pick whatever you want from all manufacturers you want. The website 300watches.com offers you pre-owned luxury watches brands of high quality and in very good condition. The 300watches try to be very exact when describing the watches. That's why photos and video is very clear and true if a timepiece has scratches or blemishes. It is impossible to buy there not working watch. The most popular traders or sites of the best luxury watches give their customers 1-year guarantee for their pre-owned luxury watches for men and women. Besides, prices on these sites are always based on the current world market prices. There are no hidden fees or extra charges.

  • Pre-Owned Good Condition

    This term can be used in the descriptions of high-end watches at 300watches.com. This term means that the piece was constantly used, but it remains in a good condition and works excellently. The item of luxury watches can be marked, have identifying markings on it, or have other signs of previous use. The watch can have light scratches. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with the piece of high-end luxury watches, though it has obviously been used. The timepiece is wearable but may gain or lose a few minutes over 24 hours. There can be few dings, nicks, or deep scratches. Also pre-owned prestige watches in a good condition can have a redial that is not up to high standards and may not have all original parts. One of the examples of pre-owned famous designer watches in a good condition is Cartier 18k Gold Dumont Watch from a limited edition. This is a delicate timepiece that can make you look even more stylish. Another sample of pre-owned best luxury watches in a good condition is Omega Professional Quartz Watch with a steel case and a sapphire glass. Another pre-owned timepiece that is in a good condition is Gent`s Audemars Piguet 18k Rose Gold Watch with a Rose gold case and a leather strap. The watch has an original AP rose gold clasp.

  • Pre-Owned Great (or Very Good) Condition

    This term is used in the description of luxury watches at 300watches.com. Pre-owned fine watches in a very good condition are well-cared pieces that have seen confined use and remains in great condition. The item of high-end watches is complete, unmarked and undamaged. However, there can be some signs of wear that are barely visible. The timepiece works excellently. Such piece of prestige watches was normally worn by a careful owner who wore the timepiece regularly. There are no significant cracks or dings. The timepieces can have replacement parts or a high quality iteration. They are keeping good time, but may need minor regulation. On the whole, these watches have an attractive presentation. One of the examples of the best luxury watches in a very good condition is a Black Ceramic Hublot Black Magic Watch. This is a classy timepiece for a real man. Another representative of famous designer watches that is pre-owned and in a great condition, is a Certified 18k Yellow Gold Rolex Yachtmaster. This elegant watch won`t leave anyone indifferent. Another perfect pre-owned watch in a very good condition is pre-owned Rolex Men`s Two-tone Datejust Watch. This elegant piece has s steel case with a gold bezel and a new brown leather strap. The blending of specifications of this timepiece gives this vintage watch a modern fashion.

  • Pre-Owned Satisfactory Condition

    This term is used in the descriptions of high-end luxury watches at 300watches.com. This term means that a luxury watch was well used. It may require service or restoration to be useable. The timepiece can be running erratically. The dial, the case and other components of the piece of high-end watches may be not original, but no pieces are missing. When the timepiece is pre-owned and is in a satisfactory condition, it is easy to see that the watch is worse for wear. Some people may call it rough. However, such piece of prestige watches works perfectly. Signs of wear can include aesthetic issues such as scratches, dents and worn corners. The watch may have identifying markings on it or show other signs of previous use. One of the examples of pre-owned famous designer watches in a satisfactory condition is Gent`s Stainless Steel Breitling “Navitimer” Strapwatch with blue dial, chronograph and a date indicator. Another item of pre-owned best luxury watches in a satisfactory condition is Gent`s Stainless Steel Cartier “Pasha Seatimer” Chronograph with a black dial, subsidiary seconds and date indicator. Another perfect representative of such category of timepieces is Certified Lady`s 18k White Gold Diamond Watch with a Tahitian Mother-of-Pearl dial and diamond hour markers. This watch also has a sapphire crystal and a date indicator and is a perfect choice for a delicate lady.

  • Product video

    Sometimes a video can say more than just a text. You may suppose the photo is quite enough, and you are right, but it is not always so. Photo is quite informative with the words that come together with the picture. First you read a text about luxury watch, its features and then the image of the watch is described on the photo. It is informative, and such way is easy for collecting information about how to use or how the designer watch is assembled. Some luxury watch's features are difficult to be explained in words and some nuances are difficult to be described in a photo. Video is the best way of representing the watch. The text and image come together. The complex watch mechanism, for example, can be described for some seconds on video instead of many texted words and many pictures that follow the text. It is one advantageous aspect of the matter regarding presentation of a luxury watch in a video. Another advantage is the easiness of decision-making process for the future watch owner who is considering to buy watches online or in a boutique. Some features are good and enough to be explained by text. The feature like "water resistance" level is very informative if it is just text written. The names of luxury watch brands, watch collection, watch models and dates when and where the designer watch was produced and presented can be written in text, and that is enough. Representing the design of a watch is better by means of photo. The photo presentation of a watch is good when a design or external view of the watch is shown in static. Video presentation is good when the moving or indescribable parts are represented. For example, the Universal Geneve luxury watches are not enough to be described by texts and, at the same time, the photo can not show all the moving parts that are the essential feature of the designer watch. Follow the link (http://youtu.be/gmuFfSvYePc from www.300watches.com website) to assure yourself abovementioned fact. The same with butterfly buckle: a lot of words are needed to explain its working principle. A static image of the butterfly buckle is almost silent and merely shows the construction or the external view of the device. The video can explain the working principle and external view of butterfly buckle at the same time. So in some cases the representing a luxury watch in a video is more eloquent than a text or photo image.


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