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Famous Wyler watches for sale are created for those who prefer classic shapes with sports elements, originality and tradition, Swiss quality and Italian design. This company has a rich history that began in 1896, when two brothers, Paul and Alfred Wyler, opened a small watch workshop in Bienne. Since 1903, they began its partnership with the Italian watches distributor Binda that helped the young Swiss brand to become well-known in the Italian market. Later, the company was renamed to Wyler Vetta. The unique style of renewed Wyler watches for sale was combined with practical and suitable features of watches for everyday use.

In 1932, Wyler’s professionals developed their own anti-shock Incaflex system allowing the watch mechanism to be protected against shocks and mechanical damage. In 1935, the company produced its first automatic Wyler watches for sale with rectangular-shaped cases and double-hulled back cover. On December 20, 1956, the two Wyler Incaflex watches were dropped out from the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The result of the incredible 300-meter-high watches freefall was certified, and all luxury watches mechanisms continued the work with the same accuracy.

Today the range of Wyler watches collections includes chronographs, limited edition watches, luxury gold watches, casual, and classic watches. We offer you to buy your own piece of Wyler watches at reasonable prices on our website. Be sure, all branded timepieces we have are assembled only with the best materials and complex watch parts.