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The Wittnauer Company started its history in 1885 as a small family business. Albert Wittnauer was a Swiss immigrant who brought the secrets of professional watchmaking to the USA. He produced the most technologically advanced Wittnauer watches for sale that nowadays are considered to be vintage collectable pieces. They can be recognized by its up-to-date design and technological superiority. In the course of the World War I, Wittnauer created watches for the early aviation units. The most popular model of those times was the Wittnauer All-Proof watch. It was worn by Jimmie Mattern when he attempted to take off his adventurous trip around the world. Moreover, a Wittnauer watch was also used by Neil Armstrong during his Gemini 8 mission.

In 1950, the Swiss company Longines purchased Wittnauer, but in 1995, Swatch broke the 125-year collaboration between these two companies. In 2001, the brand was eventually bought by Bulova. After that shift of ownership, the Wittnauer design got a new look and form. Since then, Wittnauer watches for sale were available at lower prices and produced in greater quantities. However, being the embodiment of accuracy, permanence, and style, they remained high-quality. Today, these timepieces are a wonderful alternative to expensive diamond models. In this way, Wittnauer offers luxury watches for sale at affordable prices.