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The Waltham Watch company is an American brand that has overturned the popular belief that the best luxury watches are always Swiss. The Waltham Watch will prove that not only Swiss watches can be the best on the market of luxury watches. The history of the brand is very interesting, because of changing its name all the time.

In 1850, three men from Massachusetts decided to realize their cherished dream and open a watch company. The first collection of 17 watches had the names of each founder "Howard, Davis & Dennison," because they couldn't find any other proper name. Later on, the company’s founders changed their brand’s name several times to avoid bankruptcy. It happened in 1857, due to the reason of bad administration by its originators. Despite that problematic period, the American people knew about their fine watches, about their design, and accessories - so they bought fine watches of this company.

After bankruptcy, the brand was sold to the Real E. Robbins company, which manufactured the very first standard pocket watch at the United States. Thus, the luxury watch brand changed its name again. By 1859, the company was known as "The American Watch Company," a bit later the name was abridged to Waltham.

With this name, the company sold more than 30 million watches. By that time, they had experience in manufacturing with bad quality, but now they sold luxury watches popular first of all for their quality. There are different types of fine Waltham watches: chronographs, train watches, and nautical watches.

Chronometers of Waltham became popular in North America and other 50 countries around the world. By the way, because of the low quantity of the series, Waltham watches they are very popular and loved by the collectors of luxury rare watches, and many models become collectible items.

In 1885, the company changed its name to American Waltham Company and with the new name, in 1949, it went bankrupt again. After that, it became part of the Waltham Precision Instruments Company, and began to create chronographs and other unconventional watches. There is an interesting fact that the Swiss affiliate of the Waltham Watch Company survived the bankruptcy and successfully continued the production of mechanical watches and pocket watches.

There is a wide range of collections and models to choose from Waltham luxury watches. For example, the men's elegant quartz watches Thermidor with the leather belt. There also are vintage watches, which are very elegant and very precise - you can take them in the pocket and be like the real gentlemen of XIX century.

For a contemporary woman who loves to be in the spotlight, there is a lady's watch called Lady Amelia. It has classic features combined with a colorful, striking design; by the way, this watch is a chronograph watch for women with king-size numbers. Pretty women can find this Lady Amelia and many other fine watches here, at www.300watches.com.

Nowadays, Waltham luxury watches always offer wonderful design, high quality, and good mechanisms; they are exact, reliable, and what is especially valuable - they are indeed unusual. Even Abraham Lincoln chose a Waltham Watch for his epochal speech at the National Museum of American History in Washington. Despite numerous changes of its name, multiple bankruptcies, and other challenges Waltham has been experiencing within the course of its existence, Waltham luxury watches overcame all these situations and proved professionalism and greatness of their creators. See all the luxury watches models of high-end watches at www.300watches.com.