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Vulcain luxury watches are now the new mainstream of America. But the history of this company is very rich and began in 1868. Dwight T. Eisenhower, Harry Truman, and other presidents of the U.S. wore Vulcain Cricket watches. Moreover, one of the branded timepieces was lately presented to Barack Obama. That’s why they are also called president’s watches.

Vulcain watches for sale are still created in Switzerland. They are popular not only for a unique design, but also for automatic and hand-winding in-house movements. Additionally, all of them are created with different complications. Vulcain was the first brand that produced luxury watches with a mechanical alarm. Moreover, the new Vulcain Nautical luxury watch has such a strong alarm that it can be heard even underwater. Many models of Vulcain watches for sale have won prestigious awards at international exhibitions. Thus, in 1946, Vulcain patented the innovation known as the Exactomatic. This principle provides greater accuracy and better regularity in the operation of the watch. It is still one of the main distinguishing features of the company.

Vulcain watches for sale are presented in different variations. Branded models for women and men are very popular all over the world. These “president’s watches” with their unmatched quality, precise movements, and magnificent design show a highly prestigious status of the owner. So, if you are interested in this well-known Swiss brand, you can buy Vulcain watches online at a very attractive price here, on our website.