Value Swiss

It is quite stunning and defiant to wear the Value Swiss L’Heure d’Amour luxury watch on the wrist. At a first glance, it may look like just an ordinary sample of luxury watches of high quality and fine design. The Value Swiss L’Heure d’Amour high end watches can be made of stainless steel or 18 carat gold and decorated with jewels, but that is not enough to say about this cunning watch items. First, these watches should be considered as a gentleman’s wristwatch because of its hidden secret that is lurking on the back side of the watch box.

After turning the Value Swiss watch box over, one can see an unexpected picture. The back side of the watches is decorated with a man and woman in a quite revealing pose making love. The transparent part of the back cover shows the watches mechanism movement that is designed as a moving man if the special watch crown is pushed. The scene on the back side of the watches is hidden, but the secret is quite charming. The lucky owner of L’Heure d’Amour luxury watch on a wrist surely can be proud to astonish the public with such a designer watch piece.

The model's name is L’Heure d’Amour, and the name proves the meaning. The translation of L’Heure d’Amour means "the hour of love" and the high end watches are supposed to have a courageous and audacious owner, who deeply understands the high-quality erotic artwork.

The unique watches are quite rare in the watch market and almost impossible find in ordinary luxury watch shops. The price is quite high and depends on the model that can be created in gold, platinum, or can come as high-quality stainless steel. The L’Heure d’Amour luxury watches were released in a limited edition more than twenty years ago, and are supposed to be very rare and to be a collection item. The designer watches are supposed to be used as store display models, so they prove their uniqueness and originality with rareness. The watch strap of these amazing designer watches is made of nice leather and comes in different colors. The high end watches are equipped with automatic movement, and finally, the watch price starts from two thousand dollars for a unique watch piece. The design is charming and fascinating. The watch box measures as 44mm long with the lugs, and is 15mm thick; the wideness is 36mm without the crown.

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