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Leon Tufenkjian opened his first jewelry house over 100 years ago. He was passionate about jewel art and could realize his dreams working with precious stones during all his life. Since 1909, Leon Tufenkjian maintained and fixed his main concept of the highest design and quality to all created expensive masterpieces that were issued from the Tufenkjian jewelry factory. It brought unimaginable success to Leon and made the Tufenkjian jewelry company to expand fast. The timeless luxury creations of Leon Tufenkjian earned the reputation of a jewelry excellence and highest quality in the whole world. 

The Tufenkjian Jewelry Company is located in Lebanon and never expanded its affiliates and factories outside the country. Nevertheless, the success and fame of the Tufenkjian brand is well-known among the luxury connoisseurs from Europe and the United States, and Arabic countries as well. The luxury units created by Tufenkjian also include high end watches for men and women. The Tufenkjian luxury watches are honored by high ranking people today. In 2002, the Pope Benedict XVI received the Ancient Gold Cross from cedar wings that were modified and crafted by the Tufenkjian Jewelry Company. Lebanese superstar Elissa has chosen Tufenkjian jewelry for her admirable appearance.

The luxury Tufenkjian watches can have a huge quantity of diamonds, decorating the surface of the watch. It can be the models coming from collections like White Gold Automatic Diamond Skeleton Watch and White Gold 1800 Diamonds edition. These are the particular and rare models with a high price, and can be considered a luxury watch collection item to be kept as collectible items and be sold out later for a higher price. These luxury models can be a good investment for the future generations. These are the high end watches of the highest elegance and quality, and are timeless luxury watches for ages.

Some of the luxury watches of the Tufenkjian Company are too high with its price and can exceed $10,000. Nevertheless, there are lower-price luxury watches and pre-owned ones. All these high end watches no doubt are worth glorifying. 

The Tufenkjian Jewelry Company expects its future growing though it has some export and production limitations. New designs of the future high end Tufenkjian watches are being developed today. The production line is in work and new luxury watches, and other jewelry masterpieces are to win the market of luxury items of other countries.

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