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Nowadays Tourneau is one of the biggest luxury watch manufacturers in the world, holding an unrivaled presence in contemporary watchmaking industry. Its timepieces are always durable, stylish and extravagant. The history of the brand started in Western Europe, when the Tourneau family decided to open a watch selling business. After migrating to USA in 1925, Peter Tourneau bought a small dressmaking shop with a watch counter, which in due course turned into one of the most popular and sophisticated companies in the world.

Starting from 1930s, Tourneau has been recognized as a main watch innovator, producing bold and technically advanced fine watches. Its name was well-known among New York watch enthusiasts who were impressed with innovative designs and unique technologies. As the business grew, the new locations were introduced all over the USA. Nowadays Tourneu is presented in more than 12 states. The company is famous for its eye-catching incredible retail stores, the most famous of which are huge Tourneau Las Vegas Flagship outlet and, of course, the Tourneau TimeMachine store. In is no doubt one of the most beautiful and impressive buildings in New York City, with its spectacular design and atmosphere of prestige and luxury. In addition to Tourneau fine watches, this boutique has a wide range of Rolex, Vacheron Constantin and Panerai high end luxury watches. Nowadays the Tourneau stores have the largest selection of luxury watch brands as well as excellent watch repair services and first-class customer service.

As for the production of fine watches, Tourneau always tunes with the latest trends and creates high end watches for men and women that meet all the requirements of the luxury watch craftsmanship. The most famous Tourneau collections are the Gotham and the Calypso. These collections have many different models in a variety of sizes, materials, colors and styles to fit every occasion. All high end luxury watches are genuinely durable timepieces with a robust feature set.

One of Tourneau latest collections is Aviator. All-new Aviator watches feature large cases and big Arabic numerals, inspired by the principles of the classic Pilot’s watch. 44mm Aviator GMT luxury watch for men is a stainless steel timepiece with black rubber strap, black dial and automatic movement. This impressive prestige watch combines sporty nature and elegance that will last for generations to come. TNY Series 35 presents five models in different colors. These are amazing ladies watches with an ultra-slim bezel, over-sized dial and comfortable wristband. Each timepiece provides a sensation of lightness and can be worn with almost everything.

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