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The TechnoMarine brand is a dynamic company producing luxury watches that combine strong design and technological innovation. It was founded by an entrepreneur and diver Franck Dubarry. Being in love with the ocean and watchmaking mastery he decided to combine them in his first creation called the Raft. It was a stainless steel chronograph with a plastic band. The translucent case and the combination of diamonds and plastic were rather bold and extravagant solutions, yet they helped the brand to become one of the leading companies in the watchmaking world.

TechnoMarine watches that you can find on sale today always have a slight connection with water and ocean. The brand concentrates on four main lines: beach, diving, boating, and city, thus presenting a kind of a bridge between wild adventures and active urban life. Thereby, each of the TechnoMarine watches for sale is distinctive. They are not just a way to measure time, but also amazing accessories created to make their owners happy and free.

The year 1999 was very productive for the company, as it presented one more wonderful collection of TechnoMarine watches for sale. It was dedicated to diving and water sports and comprised high-end luxury watches with stainless steel cases, chronograph functions, and gel wristbands. Now this company is famous on six continents, but it is constantly hunting for new ways to break the mold. However, today you have a chance to buy TechnoMarine watches online at affordable prices here, on our website.