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The Swatch Group is a huge conglomerate that comprises 19 watch brands, more than 150 production facilities and hundreds of different system innovation companies, administration offices and outlets all over the world. The Swatch Group was founded by Nicolas Hayek in 1983 and managed to gain a remarkable success despite the prolonged quartz crisis. Swatch plays an extremely important part in Swiss haute horology as it helped to restore Switzerland as a major player in contemporary watchmaking industry.

Swatch Group consists of five categories of brands: Prestige/Luxury Range, The High Range, The Middle Range, The Basic Range and the Private Label. All these categories involve many famous and respected fine watches manufacturers, for example Longines, Calvin Klein Watches & Jewelry, Tissot, Certina and many others.

Owing to such a wide range of elite and prestigious luxury watch brands, Swatch is able to adapt to diverse consumers' needs and focus on manufacturing of technically advanced fine watches that fulfill the requirements of the most fastidious watch snobs.

An iconic signature of Swatch high end watches for men and women is the use of plastic, nevertheless the brand continues to enhance its technological expertise, introducing a wide range of high-quality materials such as rubber, silicon, stainless steel, aluminum, and even synthetic fabrics.

The radical, groundbreaking technology known as “Revolution 51” made it possible to present top luxury mechanical watches to a much broader range of clients. This innovative assembly method that reduced the number of parts to only 51 pieces helped the company to gain a worldwide Swiss watch brand status.

Since it has officially debuted in 1983, the brand has launched an extraordinary number of strikingly popular collections of prestige watches suitable for all occasions.

Swatch Originals fine watches are made of plastic and are available in different sizes, designs and shapes. The Swatch Irony collection boasts solid metal cases with high-tech design. The Original Skin collection of timepieces was launched in 1997 and it's famous for an ultra thin top luxury watches.

Among the latest achievements of one of the best luxury watch brands are the Color Code collection, New Gent collection and trend-setting Swatch Touch. The latter is a colorful line of eye-catching high end watches with a touch-sensitive zone and LCD dials. This model sports a responsive system, alarm, chronograph, date and a backlight. What makes this Swiss watch unique is the extravagant and innovative display style. The curved water resistant case is very comfortable and maintains a degree of manliness, although Swatch presented this model as unisex. There are black and cameo versions for men and purple, pink, blue and white fine watches for women.

All in all, Swatch luxury watches are genuinely durable timepieces which combine high design with all the latest engineering. They are much more than a way to measure time, because Swatch is an approach to life.