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As watchmaking industry advances, it undergoes certain changes. The main aim of the contemporary brands is to keep up with fashion and technologies and that's exactly what Suunto does. The brand was founded in 1936 by Tuomas Vohlonen, Finnish orienteer and engineer who wanted to eliminate the problem of instability and dry compasses. As a result, he invented effective technology of liquid-filled compass that started Suunto's constant aspiration for progress. Very soon the brand gained a reputation of one of the best luxury watches manufacturer in the world. Nowadays Suunto fine watches are sold in more than 100 countries. Noted for their functionality, comfort and daring design, the company's products have won prestigious awards.

Suunto is primarily focused on the production of innovative sport watches, sport instruments and dive computers. The company's chronograph watches for men are resistant to the most extreme conditions and can be used under water and on the highest peaks.
For those who love diving, the brand designed wonderful luxury watch Suunto Spyder, a perfect match between a top-of-the-line dive computer and high-quality dive watch. Divers would also appreciate Suunto HelO2 dive computer with full mixed gas capability which is the most recent company's achievement for deep water exploration.

Another Suunto's creation is called the Vector. It is the first outdoor wrist computer featuring thermometer, altimeter, barometer and compass. This technically advanced watch which was launched in 1998, is still one of the most successful Suunto's fine watches.

Suunto kept enhancing its technological expertise. In 2004 it presented Suunto T6, one more masterpiece for fitness enthusiasts. It helps to measure heart rate and determine the body's resistance level. Its Olympic-level technology helps to get personalized feedback and quality the workout. One of the most popular Suunto's models Core was launched in 2007. It provides the crucial features for extreme adventurers as there are barometer, compass and altimeter. The Core has a stylish look of a multi-sensor watch. The menus are easy and logical and do not require any digging. This model is ideal for basic use as it has a robust feature set and nice design.

Suunto's timepieces are considered to be one of the best luxury watches for sportsmen and active hobbies lovers due to their durability, precision, aesthetics and high-quality materials. The newest Suunto X9i GPS Watch is equipped with software that helps to connect to Google Earth and allows plotting journeys using GPS. The brand also produces high end luxury watches for women. Its collection Suunto Lumi comprises first-class outdoor watches that are both feminine and functional.

In general, the brand manufactures high end watches for men and women designed for climbing, free diving, gym, hiking, mountain biking, running, scuba diving, etc. 300watches.com website offers a wide selection of Suunto's luxury watches. You can search for the model you want and buy watch online at affordable prices.