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Established in Germany in 1961 by Helmut Sinn, the famous brand Sinn is now recognized as a top class watchmaker focusing on innovation and functionality of its fine watches. The products are distributed straight from the two factories producing Sinn best luxury watches to ensure reliability.

At first, the main purpose of Helmut, a flight instructor, was to create unique watches that would fulfill all the requirements of pilots. As a result, the company started to manufacture solid pilot chronographs and navigation clocks that boasted Long-term reliability and accuracy. Technical excellence and durability have led the company to worldwide success. Although Sinn does not invest in advertising and promotion, its high end luxury watches are popular among special clients and fastidious customers who know much about fine watch production.

Starting from the production of quartz and automatic watches, the company later incorporated groundbreaking technologies and innovative designs. Known as a manufacturer of special timepieces, Sinn is constantly enhancing its technological expertise.

In 1994 the company exceeds all the rigorous standards and creates new model made of titanium with suspended movement and amazing Magnetic Field Protection. In 1995 Sinn made its first gold luxury watch. Despite its unbelievably high proportion of gold, the unique alloy gave it a full-blown hardness of stainless steel. That same year the brand introduces a new technology which protects the watches from sudden temperature variation and fogging. It greatly extended the functional life of Sinn high end luxury watches.

In 1996 one more innovation was implemented. The technology was called HYDRO and it ensured freedom from fogging, huge pressure resistance and perfect readability under water.

The next year Sinn launches its famous EZM1 and EZM2 timers. These extraordinary mission timepieces were exclusively designed for German federal police. The new models sported readability and long operating life.

The following years the company kept working on new sophisticated technologies, introducing 203 ARKTIS chronograph watch with high endurance, DIAPAL Technology (features special materials that require no lubrication), TEGIMENT Technology (anti-scratching cases). All these outstanding achievements have put Sinn at the forefront of contemporary watchmaking market.

Although the specialty of the company is mechanical watches for professionals, these are also fashionable collections of luxury watches, stainless steel sport watches and even high end luxury diamond watches for ladies. Sinn U1 Tegimented Diving Watch is a perfect example of innovative technologies and reliability. Besides its affordability, this model is solidly made, water resistant, has rotating bezel and helium release valve. This luxury watch will be an excellent and reliable companion during challenging and adventurous dives.

Sinn's amazing, highly functional chronographs for men and exquisite, beautifully finished fine watches for women are considered to be an expression of style and quality. The brand's stores are located all over the world and distribute best luxury watches in many countries. Moreover, Sinn produces beautiful accessories for style-conscious men and women.