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One of the leaders in the Italian watchmaking industry, the Sector brand was founded in 1973 and since then it has grown into a respected and prestigious company. Sector manufactures luxury watches for men and women and its timepieces boast solid reliability, rich materials and daring design which are especially important for style-conscious people.

This Italian watch company creates fine watches that are a perfect match between exquisite Italian art and Swiss holistic excellence. Sector's first collection of fine watches "Sector No Limits" appeared on the market in 1973 and immediately caught the attention of connoisseurs from all over the world. From this very collection the brand established three main keywords that characterize the whole business: Italian design, challenge and strength. It is because of outstanding durability and technological innovation that Sector fine watches became so popular among top-notch sportsmen.

In the 80's and 90's the brand sponsored many sportsmen who took part in extreme challenges. Their achievements brought glory to the company and inspired designers to work hard on further innovations. Very soon Sector was ranked first place in Italy and it was particularly recognized as a sports watch brand. Lately, the company doesn't focus on sports only, but appeals to those who love challenges and adventures, nevertheless it produces watches that are not suitable for all occasions. Sector watch is a perfect choice for those, who love to put themselves in extreme situations and practice sports.

To create really long-term reliability the craftsmen put their fine watches on constant test, experimenting with materials and mechanisms in most extreme conditions. Sector high end watches for men and women boast not only technical excellence, but also delicate design and decoration of best luxury watches. Sector stands out from the rest of the high end luxury watches manufacturers because it practices an individual approach to all sport lovers. There are marine, racing, mountain and many other unique collections offering bold and solid prestige watches at affordable prices.

Among the latest popular collections are Steeltouch, Overland, Expander 90 and Blackeagle. Sector uses only durable and high-quality materials such as PVD rose gold, steel, silicon and many others. Moreover, Sector produces stylish jewellery and accessories. Its bracelets, necklaces and rings are all designed for modern and active men and women who appreciate brand's standards and exuberant nature. Sector has recently launched a special edition of beautiful jewellery for women made from gold, steel and shining crystals.

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