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The famous Swiss brand Rotary was founded in 1895 by Moises Dreyfuss. The factory was built in small town La Chaux de Fonds and from then on the company has proved to be one of the leading respected watchmakers. At the beginning of the 20th century there was a great demand for good value, so quality timepieces ensured the business developed quickly.

In 1920 the company opened an office in Great Britain to import fine watches. Owning to this Rotary became one of the main suppliers of progressive mechanisms and high end luxury watches in the UK. In 1925 the brand introduced today's famous logo, recognizable 'winged wheel'. One of the factors that consolidated Rotary's position on the market was the production of serial gold cases. Affordable precision timepieces made from gold attained great popularity among hard-to-please customers.

In 1934 Rotary launched the revolutionary shock proof fine watch that proved to be a tremendous success. Its innovative technology and elegant decoration demonstrated brand's noticeable progress in the art of watch making. With the lapse of time the company was turning into a true family business as Moises got his sons Georges and Sylvain involved in the work. The business grew steadily and continued to manufacture beautifully finished and reliable prestige watches. It is their reliability that made them so popular among the conservative English people. In 1940 Rotary became official timepiece supplier to the British Army. Moreover, the company wasn't frightened off by the war and continued to promote its non-magnetic fine watches. In 1942 Rotary presented its first automatic luxury watch powered by the movement of the wrist.

The company managed to get through the difficult times and from the middle of the 20th century it began extensive distribution. Suitable for all occasions, Rotary luxury watches for men and women watches offered functionality, innovative designs and pleasing affordability. In 1973 the company designs its first luxury watch with quartz movement which soon became popular among both sexes as there were exquisite collections of watches for men and women made from gold, stainless steel and other rich materials equipped with this innovative electronic oscillator technology.

The current Rotary president Robert Dreyfuss joined the company in 1987 and now is maintaining the values established by his grandfather. Among the Rotary most popular collections are Les Orginales, Aquaspeed and Evolution all featuring stylish and affordable designer watches.

The Rotary Round Revelation is one of the recent achievements of the manufacturer. It offers excellent high end luxury watches made from noble materials such as stainless steel, gold, diamonds and sapphire crystals. These fine watches for men and women are expression of style and watchmaking mastery.

In 2009 Rotary introduced a lifetime warranty and a dazzling new waterproof model. The company eventually achieved Superbrand status and continues to produce only top choice timepieces that fulfill all rigorous standards of Swiss watchmaking.