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Romain Jerome

The famous Romain Jerome brand was founded in Geneva in 2004 by a team of outstanding watchmakers who decided to create a perfect sports timepiece for golfers. After several years of watch testing, the final "One Golf Counter" watch by Romain Jerome was created. The model allowed counting down the current account right on the watch dial. It made a real splash in the watch market and allowed the company to become a leader in the watchmaking world.

In 2007, the brand presented its new Romain Jerome watches for sale - Titanic DNA model that was created with a chronograph function and manufactured with the wreckage of a sunken ship "Titanic." The watch dial was artificially aged and covered with coal dust. These chronograph watches with their high precision movements and unique design are real masterpieces and truly collectible pieces. Now this model can be also equipped with a tourbillon. The new company’s shocking creations were the Moon Dust and Moon Invader. These Romain Jerome watches for sale were assembled and created in honor of the 40th anniversary of the landing of astronaut Neil Armstrong on the Moon. Company’s watchmakers used fragments of the Apollo 11 spacecraft and real lunar dust. Thereby, these luxury watches have become the next legend in the watchmaking world. In general, all Romain Jerome masterpieces have made a huge impact on the history of Haute Horlogerie. And now you have a chance to buy Romain Jerome watches online at very attractive prices here, on our website.