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Rodolphe watches first carried the inscription of the founder’s name in the late 1990's just before the turn of the century. At that time, a young watchmaker Rodolphe Cattin steadily was making his way in the watchmaking industry. He was the first one who used his forename as a signature. Moreover, Rodolphe’s designs were used by Omega, Tissot and Longines and had an influence on many other fine watches that are still claiming a nice price tag. Today Rodolphe watches are characterized by a broad range of designs that include the mysterious, sportive, assertive and elegant styles.

In 2005, the Franck Muller Group took 51% ownership of Rodolphe watches, but in 2009 Rodolphe Cattin quit all the operational functions within the group and obtained his freedom. Thereby, Rodolphe watches became more limited in production with about two thousand copies per year. The Viper collection is one of the more popular men’s Rodolphe watches that go along with older brand’s editions like Tempovision and Witness. His famous women’s models with a touch of innovation and elegance can be found in the Adore, Utopia, and Timeless series. That’s why Rodolphe watches have quite different prices as many different models are in existence. But, in general, there is definitely something special in all Rodolphe watches that make this brand a constant in the contemporary watchmaking industry.