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The Rockford Watch Company originally located on the Rock River began its operation in 1873 using equipment from the Cornell Watch Company. Its key employees, P. H. Wheeler and C. W. Parker, also came from the Cornell Company. The full-blown Rockford factory was built several years later in 1875-76 on the 300 block of South Madison in Rockford.

The first key-winding Rockford pocket watch for sale was placed on the market in 1876. By 1877, the company was producing its own standard sized watches equipped with in-house 3/4 plate nickel movements. To highlight their highest grade all of them were signed "Ruby Jewels" or just "Ruby" that later became a stylized "R" letter engraved next to the jewel-count. Rockford watches made of base metals, silver and gold were in great demand especially among railroad men. Unfortunately, since 1896 this company had financial difficulties, and after all it was closed in 1915.

However, Rockford is one of the luxury watch manufacturers that produced a relatively small number of branded models, that’s why each Rockford pocket watch for sale is a quite collectible piece. Today, you have a wonderful opportunity to complete your collection of vintage and rare timepieces by purchasing this exclusive Rockford watch online at very reasonable price here, on our website. Don’t miss this unique chance!