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Robert Lighton

Those who are aware of designer furniture surely know the name of Robert Lighton. Lighton is notorious for creating English Colonial furniture, and because of his passion for vintage designs, he has recently started to collect vintage timepieces. On realizing that collecting vintage timepieces is quite popular, it occurred to him to establish his own luxury watch brand. And so, Robert Lighton New York appeared.

Robert Lighton produces very accurate Swiss watches. According to Lighton, nowadays people do not see the beauty in old timepieces. Nevertheless, he wants to change the situation with his high-end watches with a delicate design that reminds of a bygone era. Lighton said he wanted his timepieces to have automatic mechanical movements because there was a particular elegance in that sound of “tick-tock”. He also wanted to create designer watches that would have a dial with a big sub-second dial.

Among the variety of luxury watches by brand Robert Lighton, there are gold watches and silver watches. One of the most sought-after models is the Hudson model. It was a lengthy project, and Lighton was very proud of the results. Therefore, his clientage in the U.S. was very happy with that project’s outcomes – a series of luxury watches. It took almost two years to create this watch. The watch has a three-part case and an engraved, silver dial. The hands of the dial are blued steel, and the timepiece has Swiss elements of the highest quality. The watch also has an alligator strap that closes with a gold clasp.

Everything is made with attention to details, even boxes for the watches. The company has a six-sided box for women and a rectangular box for men. Robert Lighton’s best luxury watches were introduced at the Basel fair in 2003 to have the possibility to sell them to retailers in Europe, Japan, and other parts of the world.

The company creates high-end watches for men and women and many of them have bezels set with precious stones. The San Remo model has a stainless steel case and is fit up with the automatic movement. Another item of Robert Lighton prestige watches is called Algonquin. It has a silver case with diamonds and the automatic movement. For women, there is the Gramercy collection of horizontally oriented cases with edged straps. There is also a watch called Empire, with an 18k white gold case and a dial that is accomplished of a sapphire crystal.

In the world of watchmaking where everyone tries to invent something new, Robert Lighton is making vintage timepieces new again. If you are interested in getting a Robert Lighton vintage watch, you can visit our website, 300watches.com. Here you can purchase a new timepiece or get a great discount for the pre-owned one.