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Ritmo Mvndo

World-famous brand Ritmo Mundo was founded in California in 2002 by jeweler Ali Soltani. Within a year the company became one of the best manufacturers of luxury watches for men and women. Hollywood stars love these fine watches for their bright colors, unique shapes and modern design.

Lawyer Ali Soltani possessed great potential and talent in the running of his small family business, but he wanted something extraordinary and challenging. This aspiration for beauty has led him to the creation of Ritmo Mundo. The brand aimed to find balance between classic shapes and traditions and contemporary features.

Exclusive design and following all progressive trends soon helped these top luxury watches to gain the hearts of the most hard-to-please customers. Elizabeth Taylor, for example, even promoted the first Ritmo Mundo watch thus attracting attention of celebrities and connoisseurs of high end watches to the new brand. Among Ritmo Mundo customers are such celebrities as singer Jennifer Lopez, notorious actress Lindsay Lohan, and anchor Larry King.

The success of Ritmo Mundo was promoted by the great variety of different models: elegant gold watches, durable stainless steel watches and exquisite diamond watches. All collections are made with the help of avant-garde technologies which brought these fine watches on the crest of the wave. Such features as chronographs, chronometers and perpetual calendar have become an integral parts of almost all models.

Active advertising of the brand is also at the bottom of tremendous success. These high end luxury watches featured in different advertisements in prestigious lifestyle magazines, exclusive resort hotels and of course in movies.

Ritmo Mundo timepieces found the most popularity after an appearance in cult Sex and the City episodes. Ali Soltani himself helped to design exclusive luxury watches for the four famous characters of the series. These timepieces corresponded personalities and style of each woman and soon became incredibly popular among Sex and the City fans and followers of Ritmo Mundo.

The brand created more than 40 collections in 12 year, each of them being presented in different projects and programs on TV.

Nowadays the company is presented in many countries and continues to promote its designer watches in popular broadcastings, magazines and billboards.

One of the most celebrated collections of the brand is Persepolis. It comprised three-time zone fine watches with a unique and striking rotating case. It was followed by Puzzle automatic watches for men and women presenting modern approach to design and watchmaking.

In Quantum Collection designers gave themselves free reign to experiment. They created provoking and bold timepieces for active young men and women who want to be in the limelight.

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