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Richard Mille

Richard Mille, being an unknown watch producer, suddenly turned into a well-known master. The first Richard Mille luxury watches appeared in July 2001. Only a few years later, Richard Mille luxury watches became a fetish for millionaires and high end watches collectors. Richard Mille luxury watches combine the unique concept and the latest technical solutions, which bring not only the fame of these high end watches, but also exclusivity.

In 1998, Richard Mille left his presidency in Time Division of a famous Mauboussin house and started his designer watches business, following a very unusual concept. His idea was to manage an independent watch company, creating luxury watches with materials and design that have never been used in watchmaking before, and each watch model should be created by Richard Mille’s own design. Richard Mille high end watches must be the best of the best in the Swiss watch industry. That was his basic decision.

Richard Mille came to partners with a large portfolio of his projects, most of which has been developed and calculated in detail. Among these projects, there was a dynamometer that helps to solve the “constant force” perennial problem of watchmakers, when the time with full clockwork spring platoon goes slowly and runs when it is weakened. 

In addition to the presented dynamometer, Mill invented the crown indicator selector that allows seeing the arrow pointing to one of the three letters: «W» - means the winding, «N» is a neutral normal position, and «H» means hands that inform about the adjustment necessity. It was a breakthrough and a useful feature as it extended and protected the luxury watch mechanism.

Moreover, Richard Mille developed and improved a self-winding mechanism. His test concluded that for a young active man, it is better to have a small sector otherwise spring winding drum will be at full platoon all the time. For the elderly, it is better to increase the sector angle to 180 degrees, so every slight movement of the hand should wind the watch mechanism. For greater efficiency, Mill performed the watch dial sector of different kinds of metals like cobalt, beryllium, white gold, and palladium. 

Richard Mille assembled almost all of his innovations in Audemars Piguet. It corresponded the Richard Mille ‘s concept to deal only with the best watch companies. Giulio Papi, the head of APRP (Audemars Piguet, Renaud et Papi), was so excited about Richard Mille’s ideas and agreed to implement them in the creation of the Audemars Piguet luxury watches. 

Richard Mille signed a contract with Vaucher Fleurier for the supply of high end watches mechanisms. Vaucher Fleurier supplied watches mechanisms for Parmigiani, Hermes elite models, Patek Philippe, and A.Lange & Sohne. Vaucher Fleurier ingeniously managed the supply of quality materials, cooperating with highest masters of luxury watches industry.

As the founder and inventor, Richard Mille has focused on hi-tech alloys. He is exploring these alloys with the famous aerospace concern Aerospatiale Matra Group. These are alloys of titanium, aluminum, lithium, niobium, zinc, etc. in different proportions and with different molecular structures. All of them are characterized by extraordinary lightness combined with amazing strength.

For ten years, Richard Mille has created 20 models of luxury watches. These include diamond watches for women and men’s chronograph watches. The annual watch production of luxury watches of Richard Mille is 2,000 units per year; 90% is sold out by pre-orders. The rest of Richard Mille watches are sold rapidly through a network of high end watches boutiques today.