The watch industry of Russia in the time of the Tsar consisted of few small watch shops. The watches accessories were imported from abroad. After the revolution, all the nationalized watches industry of the country was included into the Trust of Precise Engineering. By 1926, the stock of watches and watches accessories came to an end, but there was a huge demand of watches by army, navy, railroads, and civilians. Negotiations with European watch companies about the sale of necessary watches equipment for the production of watches in Russia failed. Swiss watches companies announced too high prices, and the American, German, and French companies refused to negotiate. 

At the same time, Russia received a proposal from two bankrupted watch companies from America. The US "Dyuber Hamptons" watches factory was one of these two factories and became the basis for the 1st watch factory in Russia. It was a 40-years-old American watch factory with aged used equipment. The annual production output of watches was expected to be 200,000-250,000 watch pieces. In October 1930, the new Soviet factory started operation, and only a month later, the first 50 pieces of Soviet designer watches were represented to the Highest Soviet Authority of the USSR. This was the beginning of the domestic watch industry. Officially, the factory was called the "First State Watch Factory."

Two years have passed. For the first short period, the technical assistance was provided by watches professionals from the United States and Germany, then the factory grown, so was able to manage its technical problems and develop independently. The development of new designer watches models started. By order of the Chief of Military Aviation the aviation onboard watches were assembled and in June 1932, the production of stopwatches was ordered. From 1930 to 1941, the factory produced about 2.7 million pocket and wrist watches. In 1940, commander Poljot high end watches became a standard accessory among Red Army officers. Luxury watches with special engraving used in the army as a reward. 

In 1946, the designers watches "Victory" with side second hand were launched. The name of the luxury watch, its design, and the watches characteristics were confirmed by Stalin personally. “Victory" luxury watches were issued until 1953. Today these designer watches are highly collectible items. In 1949, the special high end watch collection "Shturmanskie" was issued with a stopping seconds hand. These luxury watches are made especially for the Air Force and were never sent to civilians. In 1956, the first Soviet watch with automatic winding and 22 jewels inside was made. The luxury watches model was called "Rodina" that means "Motherland." 

In 1957, after the First Soviet Sputnik was launched, the designer watches "Sputnik" were made. Luxury watches "Sputnik" were available in two versions: with central second hand and with a transparent disc with a satellite formed second hand instead of an ordinary second hand.

In the same year, the designer watch "Antarctica" was designed and issued. It was a special government order, and "Antarctica" luxury watches were launched only for the participants of the first Soviet expedition to the South Pole. "Antarctica" and "Satellite" unique designer watches are now collectors’ rarity, as each of these models was produced for only one year.
In 1961, the Russian-Soviet pilot and cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin journeyed into outer space, having Poljot "Sturmanskie" designer watches on his wrist. Having Poljot high end watches in 1965, the first earth human cosmonaut Alexei Leonov made his first spacewalk. 

The Poljot luxury watches were available in 70 countries, including USA, UK, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Hong Kong, Greece and others. Poljot high end watches proved their quality and design within the past century as well. Among the luxury watches models, the ladies' watch and watches for men were issued. Administration of the President of Russia has chosen Poljot watches as premium high end watches with a "From the President of the Russian Federation" inscription. You can order and buy Poljot watches online at 300watches.com. The Poljot luxury watches are available as discounted unworn watches and are present in the pre-owned condition as well.