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Piredda & Sottil

Piredda & Sottil is a famous luxury watch brand. Their high-end watches are very difficult to procure, which adds to their exclusivity and charm. This company has a lot of reasons to be highly collectable. Because this brand hasn`t taken off in the United States yet, their high-end luxury watches are considered to be exclusive, if you happen to live in U.S.

The brand focuses on production of hedged collections of basically men`s wrist watches. Other peculiarities of this brand’s high end watches include automatic movements and chronographs. It is not less important to note that Piredda & Sottil timepieces are covered with diamonds and have other precious materials in their cases. You will always distinguish Piredda & Sottil luxury watches from products of other brands by a unique combination of classical and modern features, such as oversized dial hands, embellishment with diamonds and other gems, and unique color palettes that make these watches truly exquisite. Finally, a unique design solution of Piredda & Sottil prestige watches is to feature transparent case-backs so that owners of those watches could see the unique and abundant world of internal operation of those watches.

It should be mentioned that fine watches produced by this brand are sold at moderate prices. The average price of their timepieces works out at $2,000. Piredda & Sottil watches represent a combination of Italian style with built-in Swiss parts. Most of their designer watches are tooled with automatic movements and chronographs.