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The history of the Perrelet brand began in the middle of the XVIII century, when its founder, Abraham-Louis Perrelet, decided to become a watchmaker and soon proved himself as an innovator in the world of Haute Horlogerie. Starting from 1760, Abraham-Louis Perrelet devoted all his time to developing a reliable mechanism for automatic winding. He created many tools needed to produce gears and triggers. Later, Abraham-Louis shared his watchmaker's talent to his grandson Louis Frederick Perrelet who in 1815 invented the famous astronomical watches with a pendulum. These timepieces were awarded a silver medal and passed into the possession of the king of France, Louis XVIII.

In 1993, Perrelet watches for sale got a new life when the renewed Perrelet SA Company was established in Neuchâtel. It still continues the traditions of Abraham-Louis Perrelet producing only automatic timepieces. Each year this brand presents high-end Perrelet watches for sale created for men and women. All models include significant technical and aesthetic innovations. Thus, the company’s slogan "Tradition and Innovation" fully reflects its essence. All Perrelet watches for sale are manufactured in Switzerland and correspond to the highest quality standards. That’s why 300watches is happy to present a great variety of Perrelet watches at very reasonable prices. Here you can find stylish stainless steel models, as well as gold watches decorated with diamonds. Just choose your favorite one!