The Parmigiani brand was founded by Michel Parmigiani who was born and grew in the Swiss town Flere. In the 1970s, he registered his own company under the name "Michel Parmigiani Mesure et Art du Temps SA". A talented watchmaker worked in three directions simultaneously. Firstly, he designed and manufactured watch movements; secondly, he restored vintage luxury watches, and thirdly, he designed and made sketches for his own Parmigiani watches for sale. In 1996, the Sandoz Family Foundation Fund bought a major share of Parmigiani Mesure et Art du Temps SA. The same year, the company launched its first branded collection consisting of pocket watches, table watches, and certainly wrist Parmigiani watches for sale.

In 2000-2001, Parmigiani bought several companies like Bruno Affolter SA, Atokalpa SA and Elwin SA. Thus, it extremely strengthened the independent position of Parmigiani Mesure et Art du Temps SA watch manufactory in the market of luxury watches. For today, approximately 5,000 Parmigiani watches for sale are designed and produced under the Parmigiani Fleurier brand per year. All of them are fully designed and assembled within the walls of the own manufactory. Unique branded watches for men, as well as ladies timepieces, are sold exclusively in retail stores, but now you also have a great opportunity to obtain Parmigiani watches in our online store at very attractive prices.