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The history of every great brand is full of work and pains. The main thing is not to stop. This philosophy is true about the Montblanc luxury watches brand. The history of the Motblanc company started in Germany in 1908, and its first name was the Simplo Filler Pen Co. 

Four men – Max Koch, Claus Johannes Voss, Alfred Nehemiah and August Eberstein – produced pens in Hamburg; these elite items were extremely sophisticated and alluring. Every person from this team had his own function connected with finance or administration, but each of them desired to create a luxury watch company. 

The team produced patterns for other companies, but then they released their own Rouge Et Noir model of a pen. Then came a dark period for the company; it was connected with financial crises and the death of Nehemiah. 

Dziambor, a rich watchmaker, became the member of the team in 1910. He proposed to change the name of the company to Montblac. The credo of this trademark was never selling its articles for a low price but always providing the first-rate quality. The samples of Montblanc luxury watches impressed the clients with their elegance and delicacy. There was a variety of accessories for everybody, from wealthy men and women to ordinary soldiers. The producer employed many materials for the items of high-end watches of Montblanc production. Among the collections of this brand, you may find the models of stainless steel, different types of gold, and sapphire crystal. Moreover, the Montblanc white star embellishes every specimen of prestige watches by this trademark. 

The Montblanc luxury watches trademark employs classical and vivid colors for their patterns. Moreover, the watch of this producer has the ETA Quartz or automatic movement, which is extremely reliable and provides really durable and flawless work of accessories by Montblanc. 

The main peculiarities of the Montblanc Profile collection are square sub-screens on the dial and a black and white contrast design. The Montblanc Profile Lady Elegance Diamonds set of ladies watch was released specifically for the 100th anniversary of the company. All these exemplars of fine watches come from a limited edition. In addition, the Montblanc Profile Lady Elegance Diamonds has one more gaudy singularity; precious stones adorn its case. The most expensive model is decorated with 794 diamonds weighing 9.85 carat on a case of white gold. There are only three exemplars of this watch in the whole world. Another model with 100 exemplars is embellished with diamonds and rubies. 

Nowadays the Montablanc trademark creates the variety of accessories, including various items of luxury watches.
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