The Minerva watch manufacture is considered to be one of the oldest luxury watch producers in Switzerland. It was founded in 1858 by talented brothers Charles-Ivan Robert and Hippolyte Robert. All timepieces assembled by them were so good that they soon became famous outside Switzerland. Moreover, in 1902, the Minerva watch brand began to produce designer watches with in-house movements, and in 1936, the company became the official timekeeper of the Olympic Winter Games. In 1988, they produced a new model of Minerva watches for sale called “Tablier”. Equipped with a full calendar and a moon phase indicator, it was considered to be the most complicated timepiece ever made by this brand. These unique high-end watches made in 50 copies are collectible items even now.

Partnership between Minerva and Montblanc started in 2006. "The King of pens and accessories" restored old factory buildings, while keeping all the watch equipment the same. In this way, at the beginning of 2007, four new Minerva watches for sale were presented. In general, the company has a bright history of men’s chronograph watches. These luxury timepieces are highly demanded by watch collectors all over the world. Today, the declared annual Minerva watches production is about 250 designer pieces a year, when in fact they produce no more than 200 watches. All series are limited to 1, 8, and 58 copies, since 1858 (the year of foundation) is a significant figure for the Minerva watch brand.