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The Swiss watchmaker Georges Schaeren founded the Mido trademark. In 1918, the Mido G. Schaeren & Co plant was opened in the Swiss town Biel. The engineer created the timepiece resistant to any climate conditions. The head of the Mido brand decided to focus on the creation of outstanding sophisticated pieces of luxury watches of a high technological level.

The Art Deco collection style brought fantastic success to the producer, due to the brilliant look and reliable quality of the examples of fine watches. Every timepiece by this producer was a masterpiece of watch art; it gained the great glory and because of it, this trademark became the producer of best luxury watches that were created in the shape of the radiators of famous automobile trademarks such as Peugeot and Chevrolet to emphasize their special position in the society.

One of the most brilliant inventions of the Mido brand was an anti-magnetic example of Swiss watches with water resistance and mechanical movement. This model got the leading position on the market and brought more fame to the trademark.

In 1954, the Ocean Star collection was represented, and this set was also successful and popular. Moreover, the same year the company created a new system of the framing; it was called POWERWIND, and this innovation helped to increase the accuracy of the timepieces.

In 1967, the Mido brand conquered the hearts of women with the collection of unbelievably delightful ladies watches. There is one more collection that is significant – Timeless Classic – which reflects the beauty of various string instruments.

In 1985, the developing Mido company became a part of the famous Swatch Group Ltd. In 1995, the trademark released two original models of fine watches: Bodyguard and Worldtimer. The Worldtimer watch is the first timepiece, which is not electronic but can accurately determine the time in any corner of the world. In addition, the Bodyguard watch has a security system and includes an alarm. This model of luxury watches was invented for Brazil, where crime rates are high and security is strategically important.

The company uses only high-class materials for its produce. All the straps of these samples of high-end watches are made of natural leather or jewelry steel 316L. The Aquadura patented technology guarantees water resistance to Mido luxury watches.

Every specimen of the Mido luxury watches is an elegant graceful accessory for the connoisseurs of perfect quality and fabulous design. This company never stops to develop and continues to amaze its dedicated customers with innovations and beauty.

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