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Michel Jordi

Michel Jordi is a native Swiss who was born in 1948. He studied in Great Britain and Japan and later, in 1969, Jordi returned back to Geneva and started to create luxury watches for his delicate, sophisticated, and demanding customers. His examples combine originality and high-class reliability of true Swiss watches. 

Michel Jordi has always been dreaming about the creation of his own company. The Michael Jordi luxury watch trademark was launched in 1989. It was called Swiss Watch Etno, and it quickly became a reflection of Swiss culture and beauty of this country. The father of Michael Jordi was a watchmaker who taught his son the ins and outs of watch art. Jordi’s father also taught him to be attentive to every detail and create only precise items of fine watches, which shaped the quality and image of luxury watches made under the Michel Jordi’s name. 

Michel Jordi is also known as one of the inventors of the Le Clip timepieces. These items are the great and popular samples of ladies watches. The clip used to be an accessory, but Jordi made it an alluring adornment of a wrist. 

Michel Jordi represented the models of luxury watches in the North America. These items were the reflection of American spirit and culture of the epoch. They were marketed by the Bohlin Company, which was a brilliant producer of Swiss watches, but then this company went bankrupt, and Michel Jordi began to create his own produce. 

He started to create a product line of luxury watches under the motto “Spirit of Switzerland”. This slogan got the high popularity among the tourists and collectors from different countries. After that, the brand started to produce other elite goods. 

In 2002, the new “Icon of Switzerland” collection was created. In 2004, this company released the Twins collection of unusual samples of luxury watches. There are many models with a set of interesting modern functions, for example: the Michel Jordi Twins Skeleton, the Twins Tourbillon, the Twins Hidden Treasure, the Twins Collector, and the Twins Titan Chrono. All these samples are the dazzling examples of sporty style with chronographs and several models are adorned with diamonds. Moreover, there are luxury watches with solid golden cases. These samples also include a security system in the box and a difficult mechanism, which was made in Switzerland by Michel Jordi. These items of luxury watches are the choice of people with a high status and a sophisticated taste. There is also the “Unique” collection, a distinctive example of which is accomplished of white gold. Moreover, this model of fine watches has a chronograph, an indicator of time zones, and a strap of white leather. 

The Michel Jordi brand has several limited collections such as Cloud 9, The Single Equinox, the Single Phoenix Skeleton Chronograph, and the Single Titan Chrono sports watch. 

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