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France is famous for the sophistication of its accessories, perfumes, and jewelry items. The Mauboussin luxury watches brand is a choice of true connoisseurs of elite articles and fashion. The Mauboussin brand is a reflection of rich gorgeous French fashion. This company started to produce jewelry in 1827; Mr. Roca and Jean-Baptiste Noury founded it. These men were the members of elite group, which specialized in Art Deco of the 1920s. Mauboussin gained an award at Exposition Universelle in Paris after the exhibitions of jewelry in Vienna and Paris in 1873 and 1878. This trademark became a great innovator in this sphere, because of the usage of emeralds, diamonds and rubies for their samples. Unusual materials and attractive appearance of jewelry by the Mauboussin made this trademark extremely essential, especially for celebrities and royal persons. 

In 1994, the company came in the market of luxury watches. Their examples of high-end watches combine the French delicate design and high Swiss watch technologies. Elegant cases of delightful precious metals incrusted with diamonds, rubies and other stones in conjunction with graceful straps attract an attention of people who want to emphasize their status and love of fashion. Every pattern of fine watches by this trademark is one more argument that France has its solid significant position in the world of fashion.

This producer of Swiss watches uses different materials for the production of luxury watches. There are models of Mother of Pearl and nacre, the bezel of which can be adorned with diamonds or other precious stones. Moreover, the straps of Mauboussin high-end watches fit to any wrists, because they are created in mini and full size. In addition, this company makes the Quartz ladies watch with chronometers and other useful functions. 

In the 1920s, the Mauboussin brand was the one who brought the Art Deco style in the sphere of jewelry and watch art. Even the post-war crisis did not damage the reputation of the trademark; Mauboussin always had customers among the royalties and famous people. 

In 2008, the first shop of this brand was opened in the USA. It is situated on Madison Avenue in New York. In 2009, the jewelry and samples of fine watches by this company appeared in the Eastern Lands. The sales outlets were founded in Japan and Singapore.
Today, the Mauboussin trademark is one of the oldest jewelry houses with over 200 years of history. The sixth generation of this family runs the company and creates the masterpieces of elite jewelry and luxury watches of true Swiss quality.