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Watches with a perpetual calendar are designed to be a valuable heritage that will pass through generations. The feature of perpetual calendar means that your watches will need the next adjustment no sooner than in 2115. Compared with an annual calendar, which requires regulation from its owner once per year, this type is watch is invaluable and convenient. The clockwise in-house movement of perpetual calendar watches knows how many days there are in each month of the year, just like annual calendar watches do. However, it calculates the year, too, and will automatically update the current date when New Year begins.

To see how the best examples of perpetual calendar watches look like, try Ref. 5159 from the Patek Philippe's collection. They are men’s watches with all necessary attributes. The most important feature is a free access to the beautiful self-winding movement, which you can see through the sapphire crystal case back. That detail was made purposely fashionable. Just open the dust cover to see the movement in action. In addition to the perpetual calendar, these watches have a moon phase indicator. Three variations in color – white, yellow, and rose gold – will satisfy any discerning man’s taste.

In contrast to men’s perpetual calendar watches it’s hard to find women’s items with a similar complication. Jaeger LeCoultre Rendez-Vous Perpetual Calendar jewelry watches with an automatic movement are a rare but vivid example. Its case back is transparent, so you can see everything going on in-house. Generally, if you love such handy devices as perpetual calendar watches, better buy an expensive one in order to use it for a lifetime and even longer.

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