The Diamond Spectrum: A Spectacular Range

From the extravagant to the tastefully minimal, one of our diamond watches will gleam just right for you. Whether you’re looking to grab the attention of those around you, or maintain that pleasant shine in the corner of your eye, shuffle through our inventory until one of our pieces takes hold.

We never hesitate to invest in a watch that uses these gems creatively, and you shouldn’t hesitate to try one on. Chopard, for instance, has developed a following for its Happy Diamonds. Loosely contained within the watch’s case, these diamonds float about the dial as its owner moves.

Those who prefer something less playful may look to Perrelet’s Diamond Flower. One model features a wall of small diamonds covering the dial, and gems lining both the bezel and the decorative petals surrounding the hands.

Either way, we know the glow of these gorgeous stones can be distracting. So take your time.
Diamond Watches: The Shine of a Billion Years

Formed deep in the earth by unfathomable heat and pressure over the course of 1 to 3 billion years, the resilience of the diamond makes it not unlike the modern human: Beautiful, yet unbreakable. For millennia, they have captivated us, and our histories have been famously intertwined.

Picture the illustrious Regent Diamond, a spectacular blue gem, now on display at the Louvre in Paris. Its path to the museum was long and turbulent, following its discovery in India by a slave in 1698. Over the course of the next century, it would be worn by the likes of King Louis XV and Queen Marie Antoinette, before decorating the sword of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte.

The luxury watch industry has a few crown jewels of its own. For those who seek the regal quality that only diamond watches bring, our collection has it all, from diamond hour markers, to a practical sea of gems that covers the entire watch.

Take a look at our diamond watches and you’ll understand why, throughout history, the diamond has remained a testament to the immortal beauty in chemistry, a beauty found in all of our pieces.
The Diamond Dilemma: Elegance or Indulgence?

Some diamond watches use these gems to highlight their already magnificent features. Some use them to make a statement. Yet others fall somewhere in the middle, striking that perfect balance between elegance and indulgence.

Imagine looking down at your wrist and seeing a meticulously designed black dial, contained within a white gold case and bezel. But that precious metal is just peeking through a coat of small, premium diamonds, creating a shimmering mosaic. Holding it all together is a smooth, black leather strap, with a white gold clasp.

You might stick to the classics, and go with a stainless steel Rolex DateJust, with diamonds lining the bezel and lugs. Or you might go for something more unusual, like the DeWitt Iena Grande Seconde, its white gold case and bezel completely covered with gems. They surround a black, retrograde chronograph, powered by a complicated automatic movement.

The choice is yours.
Diamond Watches
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