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Marc Rouah

Mark Rouah men's luxury watches are very rare watches. Because of this fact, they have become favorite collector's items. The history of the brand had begun when Swiss watchmaker Mark Rouah presented a special edition of an Epicycle men's watch. There were only 99 models of this watch made. It has an automatic movement with an anti-reflective sapphire crystal, and an alligator leather strap. It has a modern design, and this is one of the luxury watches for men that are special and unconventional. The Epicycle men's watch is accessible in different colors: silver, gold, and blue. All these models are hard to find items; for this reason, the watch collectors should have patience on the way of searching for rare luxury timepieces of Mark Rouah. More than that, this fine watch is Swiss-manufactured, and their price does not go lower than $10,000 because people who know about Mark Rouah fine watches do not expect to find a cheap watch or even find them on sale. 

Before opening a watch company of his name, Mark Rouah was the owner of Time-Wise S.A., in Switzerland. He also projected a watch for the winner of the Million Dollar Backgammon tournament in the Bahamas, in 2000. 

Mark Rouah has a luxury watch line which cannot be easy find in the United States. The brand has a special collection of the Mark Rouah fine watches that are available through Time-Wise S.A. This line is mostly for such cities like Bangkok, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, and Singapore, where clients often want to pay money for special watches with an individual approach. Thus, if someone wants a watch with a special design individually made for each watch’s wearer, Mark Rouah makes it possible. By the way, these watches do not bear the name of Rouah. 

Rouah craved for being a special and unique watch brand, and he turned out well taking the place on a range of luxury watches for men. Thanks to his charisma, craftsmanship, and individualism, Mark Rouah and his exclusive watches occupy a place of honor among the best luxury watches in the world.